How to Use Endnote on Mac?

  1. Download Endnote for Mac Here
  2. Complete Installation
  3. Download Citation from Databases such as PubMed or Google Scholar, You can find more databases Here
  4. Click “file” in Endnote, select “import” – “file”, and then the import dialog box will pop up, set as required.
  5. The Import Button
  6. New Features

How to Use Endnote on Mac?

Import Button

Click the “import” button, then the import is successful, and then you can manage and check the literature in the endnote.

Use Endnote on Mac

New features of EndNote20

1. New interface design
The powerful document management and analysis tool are re-given with a new concise and intuitive interface, providing you with the most efficient way to use information.

2. Significantly improved bibliographic reading and editing experience
When you browse bibliographic records through EndNote 20, the Summary page quickly presents you with an overview of important information, including titles, authors, abstracts, journals, and other important information at a glance, and displays the converted format. The bibliographic entry information can be quickly copied and used with one click.

3. Optimized search interface
With a single search box, you can search the contents of all document fields simultaneously, so that you can quickly find the key document information of your concern.
Advanced search can also be used to refine and customize search strategies. Whether it is from abstract record information, PDF full text, or supplementary notes when browsing PDFs, accurate information positioning can be achieved.

4. Optimized workflow design
The newly added multi-page browsing function supports users to open multi-tasking processes in the same library simultaneously. Whether arranging and editing document information or browsing and analyzing different document groups, you can easily switch.

5. Optimized document deduplication tool
Added DOI number and PMCID number options in document deduplication, providing more fast and more efficient ways to organize your massive document information screening.

6. Improved PDF reading experience
The optimized PDF document browser is convenient for you to browse and annotate on full screen, and improves the efficiency of full-text utilization.


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