Sample Reference or Recommendation Letter New 2024

Academic Letter

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January 1, 2024

Department Chair/Dean/Head

Department or college name

Re: Appointment for candidate’s name as Postdoctoral/PhD Researcher

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to enthusiastically support the application of the candidate’s complete name as a Postdoctoral/Ph.D. Researcher.  The candidate’s first name is currently a Ph.D./MS scholar in my laboratory.  She/he joined my group four/three years ago and will defend her/his thesis in about a month, May 2018.  Her/his work presents a “Short description of research work here.”  Candidate’s first name has tackled all aspects of her/his thesis work, whether technical or intellectual, with determination and success.  She/he has been recognized with awards and scholarships. She/he published research publications in high ranked top-tier journals. Moreover, a manuscript on her/his main project is submitted recently.  She/he has already co-authored studies with other groups in my lab, and I expect at least one more manuscript to come from her work in 2018.  She/he is an exceptional student, among the best I have seen in this university, and I am confident that she/he will excel as a scientist, teacher, and mentor.

During her/his Ph.D./MS thesis, Candidate’s first name was also teaching assistant for three graduate courses and participated in mentoring programs for junior researchers in the lab.  She/he was outstanding in all relevant academic and research activities. A brief description of complete research work goes here.  While doing the progressive research work, she/he never let extracurricular activities keep her/him away from the bench, a testament to her/his ability to work hard and multitask. Moreover, at a personal level, candidate’s first name is a delight to work with. She/he is mature, independent, and resourceful, knowing when and where to seek advice and help.  She/he expresses her/his opinions in an engaging way and enjoys being challenged.  She/he strives for originality, works hard and undeterred and has a charisma for drawing others to comment and participate in her research.  She/he is full of enthusiasm, has the right drive, and genuine interest in research and in science, an analytical and keen mind, creativity and perseverance.  She/he multitasks with ease and does not lose her/his focus on the goals she/he sets.

In summary, I have no doubt that candidate’s first name will be an outstanding postdoctoral/PhD researcher.  Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any further questions.

Yours sincerely,


Name of Professor, Ph.D.

Associate/Assistant Professor

Name of department/college

Complete address


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