How to register a Baidu Netdisk (network disk) 百度云 account? 2022

How to register a Baidu Netdisk (Network Disk) Account? 2022

Baidu Netdisk

  1. To register a Baidu account from outside China. Right here, right now!
  2. Approximately 200 million of people utilize Baidu on a regular basis, and near to 700 million people do that on a monthly basis.
  3. Unfortunately, registering for a Baidu account from outside China isn’t quite as simple as it seems.
  4. A lot of complications might arise throughout the registration procedure when you do not have a Chinese mobile phone number.
  5. Fortunately, there are some solutions you may attempt. Here, w e’ll lead you through the process of creating a Baidu account step-by-step, and then we’ll show you how to get over any difficulties you may face.
  • Baidu Netdisk is a cloud storage service launched by Baidu. It is one of Baidu Cloud’s services.

Tools/Materials Needed

  • Mobile phone/computer, Baidu network disk


  1. Log in to the “Baidu Netdisk” address:
  2. Click on Sign up (see screenshots below in Chinese and English both)

Register Baidu Netdisk

  1. Now Type
  2. Username
  3. Phone Number
  4. Password
  5. then Hit get verification code
  6. Type verification code received on the Phone number
  7. Check the box (Tick) User Agreement at the bottom
  8. Click Register

Register Baidu Netdisk step2

In this way, you have registered your Baidu network disk account, then you will be redirected to your network disk page, or you can log in by entering your account and password on the login page

  1. Now Login
  2. Type Phone/username/email
  3. Type Password
  4. Click on Login

Step3 Login CN

Step3 Login EN

You can also download the Netdisk App windows, mobile, iPad etc. client. and register the account as been mentioned above

Can also use QR Code from App to login in the browser (see below)

Scan QR login CN

Scan QR login EN

After Login, Visit the disk space and folders inside (see below)

Baidu Disk space

Please Note: After the previous steps, you can open your own network disk space, click on the network disk to see the information and files of your own network disk, click on the client to download (the fastest way is to directly scan the QR code with your mobile phone to download)


  • Registration is required
  • Mobile phone QR Scan can login the account in browser

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