Motivation Letter Sample 2024

Academic Letter

Motivation Letter Sample 2024


Note: Please change contents in [parenthesis] accordingly.

[Your First Name and Surname]

[Your permanent address]

[Your E-mail]

University [Name]

[School/College/Department/Institute/faculty name]


[Admission/hiring office]

Subject: Motivation letter for a [graduation/scholarship/hiring] program

Dear [Sir/Madam/Professor/Admin/Manager HR],

I was really glad when I discovered this possibility to apply for this program at [Program name]. I’d want to show my significant interest in this [position/program/opportunity] with this letter. I am a [BS/MS/PhD] graduate of [University name and location/country], with a [BS/MS/PhD] degree in [your field of study].

[The following paragraph will describe your brief achievements and intents to join position/scholarship/opportunity, modify accordingly]

I earned an honors degree from [University name], where I understood the subject. I am now employed at [job/place name], where I am gaining practical experience using methodologies for [explain your primary area of work/domain here], which was the subject of my [BS/MS/Ph.D. thesis]. Due to this unique experience, I gained an appreciation for the complexities of the [industry/academics] and realized that I wanted to pursue a career in this sector. Apart from applying [major/field/domain], I am particularly interested in [future programs/field/interests] and would like to specialize in this area.

After a thorough examination of the [program/job/name] you are providing at your [university/institute/center/company/organization name], I feel this [program/job] is a perfect match for my objectives, and hence I would want to be considered for [admission/hiring] to this [program/job/position].

[The following paragraph is for academic admissions only]

Due to my financial situation, I could continue my studies in my country or abroad since I am not able to finance my studies. Therefore, I will be very grateful to be provided with [scholarship/funding] to improve my education and incent my career prospects. I see knowledge gained on the studies at your [university/institute/center/organization name] as an extraordinary career opportunity.

Finally, I want to emphasize how dedicated I am to making the most of my [opportunity/position]. I feel that working as a [student/employee] at your [university/college/department/institute/center] would advance my career and provide me with the framework necessary to maximize my potential. Additionally, I believe that as a [MS/BS/Ph.D. student or employee] at your [university/college/department/institute/center], I will benefit from a variety of difficult professional prospects.

Once again, I appreciate your consideration of my application and look forward to receiving a positive response.


[Your name] 

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