Sample Letter of Consent 2024

Academic Letter



(Place on Department or Faculty Letterhead) 

(Insert Date) 

Dear (Insert Potential Research Participant’s Name): 

You are invited to engage in a research report on [project description, e.g., certain diseases]. In specific, we are interested in how the research performs and how certain patients [project title] recover. 

You are asked to participate in a study on [project summary, e.g., some diseases]. Specifically, we are interested in how work is conducted and how certain people experience disease recovery. 

The threats or discomforts associated with this study are not expected. However, the individual interviewing you will provide you with the name and telephone number of any counseling services if you want to obtain this information. 

You will also find the interview to be quite fun and satisfying since many people who undergo [project title here, e.g., some disease] are unable to discuss their experience with a professional and non-judgmental interviewer, as you can. By engaging in this study, you will also support others by truly appreciating what it feels like to undergo [project title here, e.g. some disease] and how some people can benefit from [project title here, e.g., some disease]. 

Several measures will be taken to secure your privacy and confidentiality. Although the interviews will be tape-recorded, the recordings will be deleted after they have been typed. The typed interviews will NOT include any reference of your name, and any identification detail from the interview will be omitted. Typed interviews will often be kept in a closed file cabinet at the University of [University Name]. Only the two lead researchers and the study assistant (Sworn to Privacy) will access interviews. After 5 years, all records will be wiped. 

Your involvement in this study is entirely voluntary. If you wish to join, you can earn cash for your time and effort. You can, however, withdraw from the research at any time for any cause whatsoever. If you do this, all your knowledge will be deleted, and you will be able to retain your [amount]. 

The findings of this research will be discussed in writing in publications reviewed by clinicians and healthcare professionals to enable them properly grasp the experience of [project title, e.g., some disease]. The findings can even be presented in-person to a panel of clinicians or healthcare professionals. However, at no point will the name be included or any personal details disclosed. If you wish to obtain a copy of the findings of this report, you can contact one of the researchers at the phone number below. 

If you need any details regarding this analysis or would like to talk to one of the researchers, please contact (Insert Researcher’s Name) at the University of [University Name] (Insert Researcher’s Phone Number). Furthermore, suppose you have any more concerns about your privileges as a researcher in this study. In that case, you can also contact the Research Services Office of the University of [University Name] at [phone number] or [email]. 

I have read (or read) the above details about this research report from [project title] perspective and agree to engage in this study. 


(Printed Name) 




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