Europass-Create Your Digital and Portable CV & Cover Letter Easy Way

One of the best-known CV formats in Europe is the Europass CV. It is very familiar and easy to use for employers and education institutions.

First of all, you would need to build your Europass profile with details regarding your education, training, work experience, and skills. You can generate as many CVs as you like with only a couple of clicks after you finish your Europass profile. Only choose the details you want to use, choose your preferred style and the rest will be handled by Europass.

In 29 languages, you can build, store, and exchange CVs. You will download your Europass CV and post it with jobs, or other job boards through your Europass library.

Please Note:

Do not Mix the Contents Such as Research Skills and Academic Skills

Do not forget to add At least 3 Essential Academic References (Name of Mentor, Position, Address, Email, Phone) at the end.



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