Shen Jie’s research group at the School of Materials Science and Technology of Peking University is recruiting postdoctoral fellows

Shen Jie’s research group at the School of Materials Science and Technology of Peking University is recruiting postdoctoral fellows

Researcher Shen Jie of the School of Materials Science and Technology of Peking University, doctoral supervisor, graduated from the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University with a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate. He has studied at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Harvard University and conducted postdoctoral research. Starting in February 2022, he will start working independently at Peking University. The research group focuses on the synthesis and self-assembly of nanomaterials, the processing and manufacturing of micro-nano devices, and the cross-fusion research of the above two types of technologies. It aims to develop a new paradigm of optoelectronic functional micro-nano devices based on self-assembly technology.

Researcher Shen Jie has published research papers as the first author in magazines such as science, Nat. Mater., and Nat. Protocol, and has presided over national-level young talent plan projects, fund projects, and critical R&D plans of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
For more information, please see the teacher’s homepage:

Due to the needs of the research group’s work, it is planned to recruit 2 postdoctoral fellows in the following related directions:.
1. Nanomaterial synthesis;
2. Nanodevice processing
3. Optical metamaterial design;

Application conditions:
1. Be physically and mentally healthy, upright, diligent and practical; have good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit; and have the courage to explore cutting-edge and cross-cutting fields;
2. Possess excellent academic ethics, solid professional knowledge, good English writing and communication skills, strong independent scientific research capabilities, and familiarity with technologies and instruments in relevant directions;
3. About to obtain a doctorate (the PhD defence requirements have been met), or have obtained a degree for no more than three years, are under 35 years old, and are engaged in postdoctoral research full-time.

Job benefits:
1. Enjoy standard postdoctoral treatment in accordance with the regulations of the country and Peking University, and project performance will be provided based on results;
2. Recommend outstanding candidates to apply for funding from Peking University Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship, School of Materials Science and Technology Tongcheng Postdoctoral Fellowship, etc. (Refer to
3. Provide international and domestic conference exchange Opportunities;
4. Support applications for Qingji and other various research funds.

Application materials:
1. Resume;
2. Documents proving doctoral degree and scientific research achievements
3. Summary of past research work and future research plans
4. Recommendation letters from 2–3 experts;

Contact information:
Please send application materials to the following email in pdf format:
Please indicate “Apply for postdoctoral position + name” in the email title. Those who meet the requirements and pass the preliminary review will be notified to arrange an interview. Recruitment notices are valid until the positions are filled.

Dr AF Saeed

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