How to study effectively?

How to study effectively?

How to learn effectively, first of all, we must clarify the goal, simplify the goal, and break it one by one.


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  1. The first is to learn to organize your time reasonably and maximize your time. Schedule your study time today according to your living habits. If you are not busy today, extend your study time appropriately. If you are busy, you can use the fragmented time.
  2. Note that the most important thing in effective learning is not how long you have studied, but how much knowledge or skills you have acquired. If you study 10 hours a day and can focus for less than 20 minutes, your study today is doomed to be ineffective. The effective assumptions to set reasonable goals. In short, the immense becomes short, and the short becomes refined/fruitful. Big goals become small goals, and small goals are the best.
  3. The third point of the effective study is to take proper rest. An urgent study is necessary, and proper relaxation is also necessary. Rest when you are tired. There is no need to take others as a reference. If others are always learning, you will feel behind if you don’t study. This kind of thinking is not desirable. Everyone is an independent individual. Compared with others, as long as you are making progress, your learning is effective; as long as you feel fulfilled, your learning is meaningful.


  • Reasonable arrangement of time
  • Take proper rest


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