Institute of Laser Micro-Nano Manufacturing, School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology is recruiting postdoctoral fellows

Team introduction:
The Laser Micro-Nano Manufacturing Institute of the School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering of Beijing Institute of Technology currently has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 4 national high-level leading talents, including the first batch of national scientific and technological innovation leaders/national outstanding youth/973 chief/863 subject experts / 1 member of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education, 1 National Distinguished Young Scholar; 8 national high-level young talents, 4 associate professors/associate researchers, and 3 scientific research/administrative assistants. The academic leader took the lead in writing the national medium and long-term science and technology development plan in laser manufacturing and other directions, as well as 12 five-year field plans of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Science Foundation, and JKW. As the leader of the expert group, he took the lead in demonstrating and approving the first national key R&D plan in the manufacturing field. The key project “Additive Manufacturing and Laser Manufacturing” has received rolling support, and he serves as an editorial board member or deputy editor of 11 journals including “International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing”. Selected as Springer Professor (Honorary Distinguished Professor), OSA Fellow, ASME Fellow, and ISNM Fellow of the University of California, Berkeley.
The institute is mainly engaged in research in the field of femtosecond laser manufacturing, covering theoretical modeling, online observation, processing methods, process equipment and its major engineering applications. Take the lead in undertaking the 973 projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, national key R&D plan projects/topics, JKW foundation strengthening key projects/topics, national major science and technology special projects, National Foundation Commission major research plan integration/key projects, National Foundation Commission joint fund key projects, national outstanding projects Youth projects, etc. It has solved the theoretical and observational problems that have long restricted femtosecond laser manufacturing, successfully predicted a series of important anomalous effects, and has been confirmed by extensive international experiments. Proposed and implemented a new manufacturing principle of femtosecond laser Electronics Dynamics Control (EDC), realized active control at the electronic level in laser manufacturing for the first time, and expanded the ultimate capability of laser manufacturing. He invented a series of new EDC manufacturing technologies and equipment, and took the lead in realizing major engineering applications and industrial applications of femtosecond laser manufacturing. He took the lead in winning the second prize of the National Natural Science Award in 2016, the Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Innovation Award in 2017, the first prize of the Ministry of Education’s Technological Invention Award in 2018, the first prize of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2022, the National Innovation Award in 2023, etc.
Job Requirements
1) Have good character, be down-to-earth, hard-working, positive and optimistic, and rigorous in scholarship;
2) The applicant has obtained or is about to obtain a doctorate;
3) Have experience in (ultrafast) laser processing, optics, light-matter interaction, and semiconductor packaging Priority will be given to those with a certain background in
scientific research and innovation; 4) Have a certain spirit of scientific research innovation and independent scientific research capabilities, a high sense of responsibility, and strong teamwork spirit and communication skills.
Job Responsibilities
1) Participate in the project research of the research group, have a solid academic background and a certain degree of free exploration ability;
2) Participate in laboratory construction and daily management;
3) Actively apply for various fund projects;
Job benefits
1) Special postdoctoral fellow The annual salary is RMB 300,000-500,000+; the annual salary for postdoctoral fellows in team positions is RMB 250,000+; the annual salary for postdoctoral fellows in scientific research positions is RMB 180,000+. Those selected for the postdoctoral innovative talent support program and the international exchange program introduction project will receive a supporting subsidy of 200,000 yuan/year, with a maximum annual salary of 700,000 yuan;
2) Additional rewards will be received based on the academic achievements achieved (papers/patents/fund applications, etc.);
3 ) Encourage and support applications for various postdoctoral programs. Actively support and encourage applications for various talent projects, fund grants, and domestic and foreign exchange opportunities.
4) Social security and five social insurances and one fund;
5) Postdoctoral apartments can be applied for during the station, and housing subsidies will be provided to postdocs who have not arranged an apartment;
6) According to relevant policies, postdocs who stay in Beijing to work after leaving the station can apply for Beijing household registration for themselves and their spouses .
For details, please see

Introduction to the co-supervisor:
Zhang Xueqiang, an overseas high-level young talent, professor, and doctoral supervisor. PhD from the University of Notre Dame, USA, and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of California, Berkeley. Research contents mainly include femtosecond laser micro-nano processing, high spatial and temporal resolution imaging, and spectral observation, and explore the influence of ultrafast laser-material interaction mechanisms on material formation properties. Published 47 SCI papers, including (a total of) 30 first/corresponding author papers. Hosted overseas high-level talent youth projects, Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund, Ministry of Science and Technology Key R&D Plan Topics, JKW Key Project Topics, Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Aerospace Science Fund, JKW Langyue Plan Pre-research Topics, ** Laboratory Innovation Fund, Huawei Horizontal topics of technology groups, etc. Young editorial board member of China Laser’s “Frontier Laser Manufacturing” sub-journal, Infomat, infoscience and Frontiers in Catalysis.

Application/Contact Information
We will provide a first-class scientific research platform and rich academic resources to help you become an outstanding researcher. If you are interested in joining the Institute of Laser Micro-Nano Manufacturing of BIT, please send your resume to the following email:

Dr AF Saeed

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