Postdoc Position 1

(1) Introduction of cooperative tutors:
Tian Liangfei, graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, a researcher of the “Hundred Talents Program” of the School of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science of Zhejiang University, an adjunct professor at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University and the Binjiang Research Institute of Zhejiang University. Dr. Tian Liangfei has been engaged in the research of new tissue engineering technologies for a long time. Through the intersection of engineering technology, biotechnology, material science and molecular engineering, he has achieved a series of original results. Dr. Tian Liangfei has published 28 papers in international authoritative journals such as nature related sub-journals (4), authorized and transformed 3 international invention patents, incubated 1 biotechnology enterprise (Germany), and related products have entered the first clinical phase. A series of research results have been cited many times by journals such as nat. chem., nat. mat., nat. rev. phy., and reported by more than 30 scientific and technological media. The full text of the journals of top academic societies such as the Society for the Development of Science is reviewed. Invited to write review articles for Trends in Chem., curr. opin. colloid interface sci. and ultrasonics; and serve as editorial board member of international journals such as commun. engineering (nature). He has given more than 20 themed/invited reports at academic conferences.
For details, please refer to the homepage of the research group:

(2) Research direction
Tissue and organ repair: The research group has sufficient research funds and active research exchanges. The University of Technology and other key domestic universities, as well as the University of Bristol in the UK, Oxford University in the UK, the Max Planck Institute in Germany, the French Academy of Sciences and other teams maintain close cooperative relations, and those with excellent conditions can be sent to study abroad.

(3) Recruitment requirements:
1. PhD graduates with backgrounds in biological materials, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, etc. and related interdisciplinary backgrounds;
2. Applicants should have academic expertise and outstanding scientific research ability, and be able to carry out scientific research relatively independently Work;
3. Willing to learn, have teamwork spirit, and be willing to engage in multidisciplinary research work.

(IV) Relevant benefits:
1. Salary standard: Competitive salary (350,000 yuan) is provided during the employment period and is directly linked to high-level scientific research achievements;
2. Support for the declaration of national, provincial and ministerial post-doctoral research projects, subjects 2 postdoctoral fellows in the group have been funded;
3. Those who have been engaged in full-time postdoctoral research during the station, have completed postdoctoral research for 3 years, have achieved excellent scientific research results, and met the requirements of our principal’s teaching track, they can be directly hired for a long-term teaching track after passing the evaluation. 4.
According to the current policy of Hangzhou City, postdoctoral fellows who stay in Hangzhou within 1 year after leaving the station will enjoy a subsidy of 400,000 to 600,000 yuan (tax-free) for postdoctoral stay in Hangzhou; if they are identified as Hangzhou D-category talents, they can also apply for housing subsidy 1,000,000 yuan;
5. The research group has a good cooperative relationship with many overseas research groups, providing opportunities to participate in high-level academic conferences at home and abroad and recommend them to further study in famous foreign universities.

(5) Contact information:
If you are interested, please send your personal information to , please indicate “Name – Postdoctoral Application” in the subject of the email, and indicate the time of entry in the email.


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