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Zhejiang University 2D Materials Postdoctoral recruitment: Salary 350000+ China 2022

Zhejiang University Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the Science and Technology Innovation Center) is a major scientific and technological innovation platform jointly built by Zhejiang University and Hangzhou City to comprehensively deepen the city-university strategic cooperation in the new era. One of the three major landmark projects of Science and Technology Highland. The center focuses on the convergence and integration of material science, information science, and life science, promotes the subversive technological revolution of the multi-disciplinary intersection at the micro-nano scale, supports and leads the future high-end manufacturing and future industrial development, and creates an important innovation pole for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. Become a world-renowned international innovation ecological zone and a gathering place for outstanding talents.

The Future Science Research Institute of Zhejiang University Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Center focuses on international frontiers and major scientific issues, aiming at the country’s major strategic needs in the fields of materials, energy, life sciences and other fields, relying on the leading industrial advantages in the Yangtze River Delta region, Zhejiang University’s strong scientific research strength and Hangzhou The innovative system and mechanism of the Science and Technology Innovation Center strives to build a leading domestic and international advanced frontier scientific innovation research and development platform, and promote the in-depth integration and development of industry, academia and research. Leading Hangzhou Xiaoshan and even the whole province and the country to achieve leapfrog development in the field of micro-nano technology. At present, the Advanced Semiconductor Research Institute consists of the Future Electronics Laboratory, the Perovskite Materials and Devices Laboratory, the Bio-organic Self-Assembly Laboratory, the New Electromagnetic Structure and Quantum Electromagnetic Science Laboratory, and the Advanced Micro-Nano Energy Storage Laboratory. This research group is affiliated to the Future Science Research Institute of the Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center, Zhejiang University. The research group has established close cooperative relations with many well-known researchers at home and abroad. The research group has a complete set of advanced material growth equipment such as plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, multiple chemical vapor deposition furnaces, and thin film deposition systems, and relies on the excellent platform of the Science and Technology Innovation Center and Zhejiang University, and the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellow, IEEE Fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecture Award and IBM Scholar Award winner, a strategic scientist of Zhejiang University Hangzhou International Science and Technology Innovation Center, Professor Yu Bin, Dean of the Future Science Research Institute, etc. formed a team. As the inventor of many new micro-nano devices and processing technologies, Professor Yu Bin has more than 300 international invention patents, and is one of the inventors with the largest number of patents in the field of micro-nano electronics in the world. Invited to give more than 180 keynote/invited presentations at global universities, enterprises and international academic conferences, and was hired by the drafting committee of the International Semiconductor Technology Roadmap (ITRS-15-year strategic technology plan for the global semiconductor industry), and the executive committees of IEEE EDS and IEEE NTC. , IEEE Fellow Judge, IEEE George Smith Award Judge, Chair of IEEE IEDM Technical Committee, Editor/Associate Editor/Guest Editor of IEEE EDL, IEEE T-NANO, IEEE T-ED, Nano-Micro Letters and other academic journals, Stanford University Graduate Program Specialist Invited lecturers, as well as dozens of international academic conference consultants/organizing committees/technical committee Chairs, Co-Chairs and members. Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and elected as NAI Fellow and IEEE Fellow.

Postdoctoral application requirements
1. Possess a doctorate degree or obtain a doctorate degree before entry, and have a background in materials, physics, chemistry, microelectronics, optoelectronics and other disciplines;
2. In the past three years, he has published at least 1 influential article as the first author research paper.
3. Physical and mental health, strong interest in scientific research, good professionalism, strong scientific research literacy, strong English literature reading ability and certain English writing ability.

Job Responsibilities
Branch 1, 2D material growth direction: growth of
large area to wafer level 2D materials/films (transition metal chalcogenides, etc.), relevant experience is preferred; growth and exploration of new 2D materials; building growth Devices, etc.;
Branch 2, Physics, Chemistry and Device Applications of 2D Materials/2D Materials, 2D Materials/Other Materials Heterogeneous Interfaces:
2D Materials/2D Materials Van der Waals Heterojunction, 2D Materials/Other Low-Dimensional Materials Physical and chemical research on heterogeneous interfaces such as materials, 2D materials/functional molecules; exploration of materials and properties of post-molar neuromorphic devices such as memristors. Experience in device fabrication and testing is preferred.
In addition, those with a background in computational materials science and machine learning are welcome to conduct research on 2D material growth, 2D materials/2D materials, functional molecular heterointerfaces, and functional device computational simulations and experiments.

1. In principle, the researchers who choose to enter the postdoctoral workstation should have an annual salary of more than 350,000 yuan before tax (including tax-free local talent subsidies), and those who are excellent can be reconsidered; they have obtained the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and provincial postdoctoral research project sponsors, Hangzhou City, Xiaoshan District government provides corresponding supporting funds; postdoctoral fellows who stay in the Science and Technology Innovation Center after leaving the station can enjoy the government settlement subsidy of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District (those who meet the conditions can enjoy the 400,000 yuan per person issued by Hangzhou City for postdoctoral research to settle down once Sexual subsidy,

Hangzhou Postdoctoral Subsidy Policy:;

Xiaoshan District Talent Subsidy Policy: /html/2020-09/29/content_79498_12443370.htm ).

2. During the period of the station, qualified postdoctoral researchers, the center assists in applying for Hangzhou high-level talent certification, and enjoys the corresponding treatment (for example, the minimum doctoral degree can apply for E-type talents, and enjoy a monthly rental subsidy of 2,500 yuan), After leaving the station, you can apply for Class D talents and enjoy a housing subsidy of 1 million; for details, please refer to: Those who meet the conditions can enjoy the living allowance for fresh graduates.

For details, please refer to:

3. There are five insurances and one housing fund, which are issued in accordance with the standards of Hangzhou City. Please contact human resources for details.
4. Those who participate in the major research projects of the Science and Technology Innovation Center and have achieved remarkable results can obtain additional funding or allowances.
5. Provide Xiaoshan District Talent Apartments or Science and Technology Innovation Center Apartments.
6. Those who meet the relevant regulations of Hangzhou City, assist in solving the collective account of Hangzhou City;
7. During the station period, those who meet the requirements can apply for a series of senior professional and technical positions related to the Science and Technology Innovation Center.
8. Those who meet the standards of high-level talents in Hangzhou can help solve the problem of children’s admission to the kindergarten; those who have no housing in Hangzhou can participate in the priority lottery for high-level talents in Hangzhou to buy houses.
9. Additional allowances can be provided in the application group for outstanding candidates.
10. Those with outstanding performance and outstanding performance during the work period, if they meet the corresponding requirements, can be recommended to apply for the teaching position of Zhejiang University or the technology research and development and management position of the Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Application materials
1. Personal resume: study and work experience, main research work content, etc.;
2. Achievements indicating the applicant’s research ability and academic level (such as academic papers, patents, awards, etc.); 3. A preliminary review of the applicant’s materials will be conducted, and those who pass the preliminary review will be notified for an interview, and admission will be based on the best;

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics from Pei College, and then obtained a master’s degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. After that, he entered the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and obtained a doctorate degree in physics. Then he did postdoctoral research in the Department of Physics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 2021, he will join the International Science and Technology Innovation Center of Zhejiang University and be selected into the “Science and Technology Innovation Hundred Talents Program”. In the past three years, he has published 18 papers in international authoritative journals and conferences such as ACS Nano, Nano Lett., Appl.Phys.Rev., Adv.Mater., Chem. Sci. ), applied for 6 invention patents (2 authorized), and was invited as a reviewer for J. Magn. Magn. Mater., Nanoscale, JPCC and other journals.

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