The research group intends to recruit special research assistants (postdoctoral). The situation is as follows: 

Direction requirements: Have a research background in materials, chemistry, biology, theoretical calculations, etc., and be able to independently carry out related research and development work. 
Work location: Qingdao. 
Wages and benefits: The specific salary and benefits of special research assistants include five parts: Associate researcher wages, Qingdao city subsidy 60,000/year (tax exempt), personal allowance 200,000 to 400,000 (according to personal achievements), out-station reward 50,000 (according to Personal achievement evaluation), and rewards for major achievements. 
Other benefits: Priority can be given to visiting high-level research institutions abroad. 
Future development: Each special research assistant has a three-year employment period. If you pass the employment period assessment, you can formally stay in the institute (associate researcher), enter the institute’s career establishment position, and enjoy Qingdao city resettlement subsidy of 250,000. 

PI introduction: 
Zhang Dun, researcher, “Hundred Talents Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences, “Distinguished Expert” of Taishan Scholars in Shandong Province. Director of the Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Corrosion and Biofouling, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, Director of the Marine Corrosion and Biofouling Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Oceanography and Limnology. Mainly engaged in research in the field of marine corrosion and biofouling, undertaking national marine innovation projects, national key research and development projects, 973 projects, etc. 
Wang Peng, researcher, winner of the Outstanding Youth Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, winner of the first China Corrosion and Protection Outstanding Youth Academic Award, Aoshan Talent-Outstanding Young Scholar of Qingdao National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology. Won the second prize of marine science and technology (2 items, ranked first, at the provincial and ministerial level), the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Talent Award of the Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Qingdao Youth Science and Technology Award and other awards and honors, mainly engaged in research in the field of marine corrosion protection. 

If there are candidates, you can send your resume to the email: The

specific research institute and job benefits are as follows:

The Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded on August 1, 1950. It is a comprehensive marine scientific research institution engaged in basic marine science research, applied basic research, and high-tech research and development. The institute currently has more than 740 employees, including more than 670 professional and technical personnel, 3 academicians of the two academies, 92 doctoral supervisors, and 79 master supervisors. There are 3 first-level doctoral degree programs and 9 second-level doctoral degree programs. There are 10 master’s degree programs, 3 professional master’s degree programs, and 2 post-doctoral mobile stations in marine science and aquaculture. 
In the past 70 years since its establishment, the institute has been oriented to national needs and the frontiers of international marine science, and has carried out many pioneering and groundbreaking work in the main fields of marine science, and has achieved more than 1,100 scientific research results, which have contributed to my country’s national economic construction, national security, and marine science and technology. The development of the company has made a major innovative contribution. 
On January 29, 2018, the Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially approved and decided to rely on the Institute of Oceanography and 12 research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to prepare for the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Marine Science Research Center to explore cutting-edge cross-fields, build beautiful and healthy oceans, and ensure national maritime security and services The mission of the “Belt and Road” initiative is to gather major scientific and technological infrastructure in the marine field, gather high-level scientific research and engineering talents in the marine field, organize comprehensive and cross-cutting frontier research, actively undertake major national scientific and technological tasks, and achieve major original achievements and major strategies The “three major” achievements, such as sustainable technologies and products, and major demonstration transformation projects, provide scientific and technological support, policy recommendations and solutions for the high-quality development of the ocean and the acceleration of the establishment of a maritime power. 
In order to further implement the strategic layout of the Institute of Oceanography and the Marine Science Research Center, strengthen the cohesion and cultivation of innovative talents, and continuously optimize the structure of the talent team, we are now openly recruiting special research assistants from the society according to work needs. Recruitment related matters are now announced as follows: 
1. Basic conditions 
1. Abide by laws and regulations, have good ideological morality and professional ethics; love work and work, have a strong sense of responsibility and service awareness; have the physical conditions to perform duties normally; style of study Correct and have a good team spirit. 
2. Personnel applying for the post of special research assistant (postdoctoral) should 
meet the following requirements: (1) Full-time full-time recruitment of new doctoral graduates in 2020, or previous doctoral graduates who have graduated not more than 3 years;
(2) Age no more than 35 years old (born after January 1, 1985). 
2. Support and guarantee 
1. Salary and benefits 
Provide associate researcher-level salaries (including “five insurances, one housing fund” and local subsidies), and enjoy two concentrated vacations in summer and winter each year. Those who have achieved major results can enjoy the major achievement awards of the Institute of Oceanography and the Marine Science Research Center. 
Postdoctoral personnel can apply for the Institute’s “Excellent Postdoctoral Support Program”, and the selected candidates can enjoy a talent allowance of 200,000 to 400,000 yuan. Post-doctoral personnel who leave the station to work in Qingdao can enjoy a resettlement subsidy of 250,000 yuan in Qingdao. 
2. Project support 
Those who meet the conditions can apply for various funds and post-doctoral fund projects from the state, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Province, Qingdao City, and research institutes. 
3. Post management The post is managed 
in accordance with the special research assistant post. During the employment period, they can participate in the post promotion review according to relevant regulations and procedures. After the selection of outstanding candidates, they will enter the institute’s career establishment position.

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