Professor Wu Limin, “Changjiang Scholar” Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, the chief of the national key research and development nanometer special project, and the leader of the innovation group of the National Fund Committee. In 2001, he founded the Advanced Coating Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education and served as the director of the center. -Research on the preparation and application of inorganic nanocomposite coatings, organic-inorganic nanocomposite microspheres, and hollow microspheres. 
Researcher Li Zhuo, a young researcher in the Department of Materials Science, Fudan University, Shanghai Pujiang Talents, and Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Venus Program, his research field is the application of polymer composite materials in electronic packaging. Due to the joint commitment of the nanotechnology special needs of the national key research and development plan, it is planned to cooperate in recruiting 1-2 post-doctoral researchers. 
[Research direction] Application of 
polymer composite materials in flexible electronics and sensors 
[Basic requirements for recruitment] 
1.A doctorate degree in materials, physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and other related disciplines, a solid professional theoretical foundation, good experimental skills training, and published English papers in related fields. 
2. Have strong independent scientific research ability, have scientific research enthusiasm, have a good team spirit, proactive, diligent and practical. 
3. Research experience in polymer materials and polymer composite materials is preferred; 
[personal treatment] 
1. Provide excellent scientific research conditions and stable funding support for selected candidates, and provide no less than one opportunity to participate in international conferences. 
2. According to the implementation of Fudan University’s post-doctoral management policies, the contract’s first employment period is 2 years, and the renewal can be decided based on the assessment results and the wishes of both parties. During the working period, Fudan University provides competitive remuneration packages and benefits (remuneration up to 40w+). The State Key Laboratory and the research team will provide additional subsidies based on their work ability and contribution to the research team. The specific salary refers to the official standard of the school: Provide 5 insurances and 1 gold, medical insurance and physical examination and other related packages. 
3. Fudan University provides one-room or two-room housing according to the applicant’s requirements. 
4. Give full play to Fudan’s high-quality basic education resources and actively protect children’s schooling. 
【Application materials】
Applicants are requested to send the application materials (resume and full text of representative thesis) to , and copy to . The subject of the email is “Postdoctoral Application for Flexible Sensing Materials-Applicant’s Name”. 
[Recruitment time] 
Long-term effective. 

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