One. Mentor profile: 
   Yang Xuyong, Shanghai “Oriental Scholar” (tracking) distinguished professor, Shanghai young top talent. Mainly engaged in the research of optoelectronic materials and devices, and has published more than 80 academic papers in international authoritative journals such as Nature Communications, Joule, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Science, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Nano Energy, Materials Horizons, Small. Presided over a number of scientific research projects such as the National Key Research and Development Program (sub-project), the National Natural Science Foundation (3 projects), and the special capacity building of Shanghai local colleges and universities. Served as a long-term specially invited reviewer and manuscript arbitrator for more than 30 international academic journals such as Nature Communications and Advanced Materials. 

two. Research direction and application requirements: 
1. Have obtained/will soon obtain a doctorate degree in materials, chemistry, microelectronics, physics and other related majors; 
2. Have nano/organic luminescent material synthesis, optoelectronic devices (QLED/OLED/Solar cell/Photodetector, etc.) ) Relevant research background is preferred; 
3. Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and have published at least one SCI paper. 
4. Have a team spirit, love scientific research, work rigorously, and be diligent and studious. 
5. Strong entrepreneurial spirit, good health, and under 35 years old. 

three. Benefits: 
1. The basic annual salary of post-doctorate positions can reach more than 200,000, and those who meet the requirements can apply for “nationally introduced talents and “Shanghai super postdoctoral”, etc., with an annual salary of more than 350,000 to 400,000.
2. The research team will provide superior scientific research conditions and stable funding support; strongly support and assist in applying for various talent plans and scientific research fund funding; support to participate in domestic and foreign academic conferences; provide opportunities for academic exchanges with high-level laboratories at home and abroad ; 
3. excellent performance during those recommended may apply for postdoctoral work at the school. 
4. Life: enjoy basic “five social insurance and one housing fund” and other benefits. The school arranges postdoctoral apartments and corresponding housing subsidies. Children can enjoy the benefits of enrolling and enrolling in our school’s faculty and staff. 

four. Application method: 
This recruitment is valid for a long time. If you are interested, please send your resume and main scientific research results (representative papers, awards, etc.) to the mailbox or

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