Recruitment Guide for Institute of New Energy Science and Technology, Xi’an Technological University

Recruitment Guide for the Institute of New Energy Science and Technology, Xi’an Technological University

1. Introduction to the Institute
Xi’an Institute of New Energy Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of New Energy) was officially established in November 2019. It is a second-level unit directly affiliated to Xi’an Technological University. The first-level discipline is materials science and engineering. , With enrollment qualifications for master’s and doctoral candidates. The research institute is located in the Weiyang campus of Xi’an Technological University, covering an area of ​​4,000 square meters, with a total investment of 100 million yuan in construction funds, with new energy materials as the main research direction, and has broad development space and prospects.

2. Requirements
1. Education and degree: Ph.D., who has obtained a degree at home and abroad or fresh graduates, and is younger than 37 years old.
2. Subject or professional direction: solid hydrogen storage materials, key materials for fuel cells; secondary batteries (lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, potassium ion batteries) and key materials; photoelectric and electrocatalytic materials; computational materials science and material genome; Microscopy; crystallography; crystallographic structure characterization; high-entropy alloys, electrochemical corrosion and protection; electrochemical theory.

3. Salary:

The annual salary is no less than 200,000 (before tax), and the maximum annual salary can reach 500,000. The specific research tasks of different research directions are negotiable.
School treatment: In addition to the salary of the graduate school, the incoming teachers can enjoy the talent treatment of the school, including settlement fee of 100,000, starting research fee of 200,000, and talent turnover apartment or rental subsidy. The first appointment period is excellent in the assessment, and after entering the career establishment, you can enjoy the school’s fund-raising house policy.
Joint training: Provide cooperation with international and domestic influential teams in the field of new energy, and send them to the other party’s laboratory to carry out specific cooperative research work. All expenses are borne by the research institute.

Four. Application method Application
materials: (1) Resume (including personal representative papers or achievements); (2) Copy of graduation and degree certificate, copy of English level 6 certificate; Application
method: Send the above materials to the mailbox: [email protected] .com, [email protected] , the subject of the email is named “New Energy Research Institute Application + Name”;
Resume reception date: Recruitment will continue until full.
Contact address: Institute of New Energy Science and Technology, Xi’an Technological University, No. 2, Xuefu Middle Road, Weiyang University Park, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, Zip Code: 710021.
Note: After the resume is passed, the interview time and method will be notified. Please pay attention to receiving relevant information.


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