Specific work location:
Wenzhou Medical University, Chashan Higher Education Park, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Educational background and research direction:
Biomedicine, metabolomics, etc.
Recruitment position:
Excellent doctor (post)
company name:
Research and Experiment Center of Wenzhou Medical University
company website:
Contact information:

Wenzhou Medical University ( http://www.wmu.edu.cn/ ) is a key construction university in Zhejiang Province. It is the first batch of master’s degree granting units in the country and has the right to grant doctoral degrees. The school has high-end scientific research platforms such as the State Key Laboratory, the National Engineering Technology Research Center, and the National Clinical Medicine Research Center jointly built by the province and the ministry. 
       The Research and Experiment Center of Wenzhou Medical University ( http://kysyzx.wmu.edu.cn/ ) is a school-level large-scale instrument medical technology platform. The existing and upcoming large-scale instruments of the center include 600M nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and 9.4T small animal magnet. Resonance imager, small animal magnetic particle imaging system, quadrupole-electrostatic field orbitrap-linear ion trap triple combination ultra-high resolution mass spectrometer, liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Qtrap 6500+, Triple Quad 4500MD ), high-resolution quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Triple TOF 6600), gas chromatography tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer, 200KV field emission transmission electron microscope, super-resolution laser confocal microscope (A1R+N-SIM+N-STORM) , Living cell turntable ultra-high resolution system, ultra-fast two-photon in-vivo imaging system, ultra-speed flow cytometer and other large-scale biomedical equipment. 
       1. Job category 
       1. 1-2 doctoral (post) talents in the field of magnetic resonance (spectroscopy or imaging); 
       2. 1-2 doctors (post) in the field of biological mass spectrometry; 
       3. Ph.D. in the field of confocal microscopy ( Post) 1-2 talents; 
       4. Other doctoral (post) talents related to the above-mentioned instruments. 
       2. Job Responsibilities and Requirements 
       1. Engage in research on related scientific research projects, and serve as technical expert guidance to enhance the application depth and breadth of large instruments in biomedical related fields.
       2. The age is not more than 45 years old, with a background in the use of relevant equipment or subject research during the doctorate period, mainly using the above-mentioned relevant equipment. Research background in biomedicine, metabolomics and proteomics is preferred. 
       3. Job benefits 
       enjoy the Wenzhou talent policy and the high-level talent introduction policy of Wenzhou Medical University, which will be included in the formal establishment of the school. The title promotion can be selected according to the research series or the experimental engineering series. If you have a senior professional title, please refer to the school’s relevant regulations and refer to the school’s personnel department websitehttp://rsc.wmu.edu.cn/info/1043/2667.htm.
       4. Contact information 
       Applicants please send your resume to your email address : Kysyzx@wmu.edu.cn . Those who pass the preliminary review will be contacted by telephone and arranged for an interview. 

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