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Wenzhou Medical University
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Due to the needs of the research team, the “Advanced Ophthalmology Bionic Interface Materials Research Group” of Wenzhou Medical University is now open for recruitment, and aspiring young people at home and abroad are sincerely invited to join! 
1. Introduction to scientific research platform and research group The 
Eye Optometry Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University is a pioneer in China’s ophthalmology department. It currently has the State Key Laboratory of Optometry and Visual Science, the National Optometry Engineering Technology Research Center, and the National Clinical Medicine Research Center (Eye diseases) and many other national platforms. In the 2016 Ophthalmology Ranking List of Chinese Hospitals’ Scientific and Technological Strength, the Eye Optometry Hospital affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University ranked first in the country, indicating that our unit has recognized research strength in scientific research. 
Project leader: Wang Bailiang, third-level researcher/doctoral supervisor, winner of Zhejiang Outstanding Youth Fund, visiting scholar at UCLA, director of the Comprehensive Office of the National Center for Optometry Engineering and Technology, and PI, Wenzhou Research Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wenzhou The “Outstanding Youth and Excellent Youth Cultivation Project” of Medical University, Wenzhou Science and Technology Innovation Youth Top Talents and Outstanding Science and Technology Workers Received a PhD in Polymer Science from Zhejiang University in 2013, and then engaged in the systematic research of ophthalmic bionic interface materials in the School of Ophthalmology, Wenzhou Medical University. So far, he is the first/corresponding author in Advanced Materials, Cell Reports Physical Science, Small, Chemical Engineering Journal , ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and other journals have published more than 50 papers, including 5 papers with an IF greater than 10, an h factor of 26, and a total of 1,627 citations. It has obtained more than 10 provincial and ministerial projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key Laboratory Integration Project, the Zhejiang Outstanding Youth Fund, and the Wenzhou Major Science and Technology Project, and authorized 5 national invention patents. The research funding exceeds 4 million, and it has established close cooperative relations with UCLA, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Shanghai Institute of Silicon.
Since the formation of the team in 2013, the research team has established an advanced bionic functional interface and nano-drug delivery carrier in ophthalmology from the perspective of materials science based on the major needs for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases, providing new strategies for the treatment of clinical diseases. Focus on the research of interdisciplinary fields such as the surface modification of ophthalmic biomaterials, stimulus-responsive ocular drug delivery systems, and nanomaterial functionalization. A complete chemical synthesis and material preparation platform, a material science and biological function evaluation platform, an animal experiment model library, and a cell biology and molecular biology mechanism research platform have been gradually established, and a full range of ophthalmic biomaterials and nanomedicine research has been established platform. The research group currently has 7 staff members, more than 40 postgraduates, 5 postgraduates have been trained, 6 people have won the “National Scholarship” and 1 person has been awarded the “Excellence Scholarship”. 
Research direction: 
(1) Ophthalmic physiological barrier penetrating nano-drug carrier and new drug delivery strategy; 
(2) Bionic modification and functionalization of the surface of ophthalmic biomaterials; 
(3) Intraocular infection, inflammation and oxidative stress removal new nano Material system; 
2. Application conditions and remuneration: 
(1) PhD and excellent master in chemistry and materials. 
Research experience in polymer material synthesis, surface modification of biological materials, cell and molecular biology, and animal experiments; overseas background is preferred, in principle, the doctoral age should not exceed 35 years old; 
(2) Published more than 3 SCI papers with an impact factor greater than 10 priority considerations; 
(3) Good teamwork and interpersonal skills; good English reading and writing skills are preferred; 
(4) Scientific thinking, research and truth-seeking spirit, hard-working and hard-working; 
Employment period treatment: 
Assistant Researcher: annual salary of 340-390 thousand yuan; 
associate researcher: annual salary of 400-450 thousand yuan; 
      post- doc: 700-800,000 yuan for two years. 
There are also scientific research and paper awards.
Once a candidate is hired, his salary, welfare, social insurance and other relevant benefits shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Wenzhou Medical University. 
Applicants should attach a resume and contact information of the recommender. Contact: Teacher Wang, Email: blwang@eye.ac.cn

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