Tsinghua University’s Yang Jinlong research group recruits postdoctoral fellows (urgent, the probability of application is higher)

Professor Yang Jinlong’s research group from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University is committed to the research of structural ceramics, new colloidal ceramic molding processes, ceramic beads (solid/hollow), environmental materials, energy-saving materials, and new ultra-light foam materials. Undertook the research of many projects and topics such as 863, 973, Beijing Science and Technology Plan, Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Method Work Special, National Natural Science Foundation, and has achieved major research results, many of which have been industrialized. According to the needs of the project, it is planned to recruit post-doctoral researchers in related fields.

Research direction:
1. Research on the preparation, characterization and application of micro/nano hollow spheres;
2. Research on the preparation and application of new ultra-light foam materials;
3. Research on the preparation and performance of new energy-saving building materials;
4. New advanced ceramic colloidal molding process And theoretical research;
5. Comprehensive solid waste treatment, sewage treatment, sponge city and soil remediation materials;
6. Preparation and performance research of ceramic radome materials;
7. Preparation and performance research of new ceramic matrix composite materials;
8. Flue gas Filtration, wastewater purification material preparation and performance research.

Job requirements:
1. Has obtained a doctorate degree or is about to obtain a doctorate degree;
2. Graduated from a doctorate degree not more than 2 years;
3. Completely off-the-job, do not recruit postdoctoral fellows;
4. Possess inorganic materials, chemistry, environmental engineering materials, and energy-saving materials Priority is given to those with other backgrounds;
5. Have the ability to independently carry out scientific research, have the spirit of academic pursuit and research, and have the spirit of teamwork.

According to Tsinghua University’s post-doctoral management method, it will be implemented preferentially. According to work ability and performance, the research team will also give competitive rewards and subsidies.
Number of recruits: 2-3
Validity: long-term effective

Contact: Wang Chao
-mail: [email protected]
Task Force Web site: http://www.microbeadsgroup.com


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