The nuclear chemistry and chemical engineering team of Tsinghua University Nuclear Research Institute recruits postdoctoral fellows and scientific research assistants. 
Postdoctoral research: 
research direction and requirements : study of 
actinide covalent bond formation, using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and theoretical calculations to study the bond formation of actinide metal ions with different ligands Valence. It is required to master single crystal synthesis and characterization technology, and be familiar with synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption spectrum experiment and theory. In addition, applicants are required to meet the basic application requirements for postdoctoral fellows at Tsinghua University. Have obtained or will obtain a doctorate degree in related majors; have a good research foundation in this professional field, and have published high-level research papers in international journals; have independent scientific research capabilities, strong enterprising spirit and good teamwork spirit; enter the station Requires full-time leave of labor, under 35 years of age. 
Salary and salary: 
The basic salaries for post-doctorate positions shall be implemented in accordance with Tsinghua University’s post-doctoral management methods, enjoy post-doctorate salary, salary scale, various subsidies, team bonus, public medical care and housing provident fund, and solve the problem of children’s enrollment and admission during the postdoctoral period. Provide a set of temporary housing with one bedroom and one living room (or corresponding rental subsidy); provide superior scientific research working environment and experimental conditions. And according to personal circumstances, encourage to apply for funding such as “Shuimu Scholar”, “Post-doctoral Innovative Talent Support Program”. 

Research Assistant 
Job Responsibilities: 
Participate in scientific research projects, carry out synthesis experiments and spectral characterization analysis of lanthanide and actinide complexes in accordance with the requirements of the project specification; regularly carry out the maintenance of the laboratory’s spectral analysis instruments; complete other arrangements arranged by the laboratory on time Related work. 
Job remuneration: 
According to the labor contract system of Tsinghua University, the annual salary is 80,000-120,000. 
Application requirements: 
Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering; familiar with chemical experiment operation specifications and mastering of relevant instrument characterization methods. 

Interested parties please send your resume and supporting materials to e-mail

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