Postdoc Position 1

Specific working location:
School of Aerospace and Mechanics, Tongji University
Implemented in accordance with relevant policies
Education and research direction:
Composite materials-related major
Recruitment position:
Company Name:
School of Aerospace and Mechanics, Tongji University

Yu Tao, professor, doctor of engineering, doctoral supervisor. Deputy Dean of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Tongji University, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Composites Society, Member of Youth Working Committee of China Composites Society, Member of Natural Fiber Composites Sub-Committee of China Composites Society, Member of Working Committee of Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Shanghai He is a member of the Youth Working Committee of the Mechanics Society, a member of the SAMPE Chinese Society, and a member of the Chinese Chemical Society. Mainly engaged in the application research of composite materials in aviation, automobile, electronic devices and other fields, including the development and design of biomass composite materials, the flame retardant of composite materials, nano-composite materials, and the performance evaluation of composite materials. Presided over and participated in several scientific research projects such as the national “973” project, the national “863” project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and international cooperation projects. He has published more than 50 academic papers in well-known journals such as Composites Science and Technology, Composites Part A, etc. in the field of composite materials, and obtained more than 10 national invention patents. Due to the development needs of the research group, we are recruiting postdoctoral fellows in the direction of composite materials.

1. Job requirements:
postdoctoral fellows

1. Job description:
preside or participate in national and Shanghai scientific research projects, actively assist in completing the research projects of the research group; guide or assist in guiding graduate students; be responsible for part of the daily management of the laboratory.
2. Application conditions:
Candidates should have a research background related to composite materials, and have a doctorate degree in mechanics, materials science, aerospace and other related majors. The requirements for relevant positions are as follows:
(1) Have good professional ethics and professionalism, abide by the law, have a correct style of study, and possess the necessary political and moral qualities to become university teachers.
(2) Outstanding doctoral graduates or post-doctoral personnel from well-known domestic and foreign universities (within 3 years of doctoral graduation), and in principle no more than 35 years old in the year of application;
(3) Possess strong academic potential and certain independent innovation ability , with a good research foundation;
(4) During the period of doctoral students, they should have participated in high-level research projects and achieved good scientific research results, and be able to undertake research projects independently. In principle, they should be the first author or corresponding author in SCI journals. Publish papers while meeting the relevant requirements of the rover.
2. Relevant treatment and salary Once the above-
mentioned staff are hired, the salary, bonus, insurance, teachers’ apartment and children’s enrolment in kindergarten and school will be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shanghai and Tongji University, and the treatment will be favorable.
3. Application methods and procedures
1. Application materials:
(1) Resume;
(2) Representative papers;
(3) Relevant materials: copies of academic qualifications and degree certificates, copies of relevant qualification certificates, copies of award certificates, etc. Application materials will be strictly confidential.
2. How to apply:
Please send the above materials to the mailbox , and please indicate “job position-name” in the email.
3. Recruitment date:
This recruitment information is valid for a long time.


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