The molecular diagnostics and molecular imaging research group of Tongji University School of Medicine has long been committed to medical molecular imaging and biochemical analysis research. The research team leader, Professor Zhang Bingbo, is the winner of the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s Outstanding Youth Fund Project and an outstanding academic leader in Shanghai. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project, General Project and Excellent Youth Project successively; published SCI papers in internationally renowned professional journals such as Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Nano letters, Biomaterials, Advanced Science, Chemical Science, etc. as a correspondence or as the first author. More than one paper, many of which were selected as the front cover, back cover, sub-cover report, or selected 1% ESI highly cited paper; published an English monograph (World Scientific, 2016 editor in chief). Due to the needs of laboratory research work, full-time researchers, postdoctoral fellows and research assistants are specially recruited. Warmly welcome colleagues who are strongly interested in the research of biological materials, chemistry, biomedical engineering, in vitro diagnostic reagents and portable instrument development, molecular imaging probes, etc., to join this research group and develop together! 

    The main research interests of this group are (but not limited to the following): 
    1. Green preparation of molecular imaging probes and their application in diagnosis and treatment. It mainly involves the use of functional proteins or polypeptide structural functional domains to simulate biomimetic synthesis of functional molecular probes. 
    2. New model of molecular imaging research. It mainly includes the design and preparation of new model molecular probes, and the development of corresponding models of imaging equipment. 
    3. Biochemical analysis and medical imaging diagnosis under extremely low background signal (low noise) interference. 
    4. Development of in vitro molecular diagnostic reagents and portable testing instruments. 

1. Full-time researchers The 
full-time researchers are the professional technicians in the research series of the Tenth People’s Hospital affiliated to Tongji University. The title series: Research Intern-Assistant Researcher-Associate Researcher-Researcher. 
Job requirements: (1) Materials, chemistry, cell and molecular biology, synthetic biology, medical equipment and other related majors, doctoral degree;
(2) Good previous scientific research performance and high-level article results. Two or more SCI papers published by the first author or corresponding author within the past 3 years are preferred; 
(3) Overseas experience and laboratory management experience are preferred; 
(4) ) Associate researchers and above must have post-doctoral experience in principle, otherwise they must first enter the post-doctoral mobile station of Tongji University. The hospital provides competitive post-doctoral salaries and priority employment qualifications (see below for details). 
(5) In principle, the first hire should not exceed 40 years old. 

2. Job responsibilities: 
(1) Participate in relevant research projects 
in the laboratory ; (2) Participate in the training of graduate students in the laboratory, and provide guidance for the research-related work of master and doctoral graduate students; 
(3) Independently apply for funds and participate in projects of the research group Application. 

3. Salary: The salary of 
full-time scientific research personnel ranges from 180,000 to 340,000 according to the pre-employment job evaluation; scientific research awards are calculated separately, and PI is responsible for the distribution. The salary and promotion route of full-time researchers are consistent with those of clinicians. 

2. Postdoctoral recruitment 
1. Entry requirements: 
(1) Those who have obtained a doctorate degree in materials, chemistry, cell and molecular biology, synthetic biology, medical devices, immunology, etc. or have passed a PhD thesis defense; 
(2) PhD period Received good scientific research training, have good scientific research quality, published 2 or more SCI papers or 1 high-level research paper 
(3) Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, good communication skills and teamwork spirit. 

2. Job benefits: 
(1) Post-doctorate implements a basic annual salary system (210,000), and can enjoy a further subsidy of 60,000 (guaranteed) to 90,000 depending on the work and scientific research output. The annual salary is more than 300,000 (reward for scientific research performance is not included).
(2) After the completion of the project and the excellent inspection, post-doctoral fellows can be given priority to enter the teaching position of Tongji University (without overseas experience) or be included in the unit’s overseas teacher training plan. 
(3) Postdoctoral fellows enjoy the rent subsidy issued by the school, the standard is 2500 yuan/month (included in the annual salary). You can choose to rent a post-doctoral apartment at the school or rent a house outside the society. 
(4) Enjoy the same medical insurance treatment for employees. 
(5) Year-end performance award of the research group (this item will be based on the research results published this year or approved projects and then additional awards) 
(6) Enter the station to get the Shanghai collective household registration; children can enter the Tongji University kindergarten and affiliated school primary school. 

3. Research assistants (master’s degree) are 
    required to graduate from 985, 211 or double first-class colleges and universities (note: those with outstanding scientific research ability can let go of restrictions), have good scientific research literacy and teamwork spirit, basic income and personal The scientific research ability before entering the job is related, and the year-end scientific research awards are separately counted, and PI will allocate them according to their achievements. 

4. Guest postgraduates 
    This group recruits visiting postgraduates (both doctoral and master’s degrees) in materials, chemistry, cell molecular biology, synthetic biology, medical equipment and other related majors to come to Tongji University for exchange and study. The research group provides accommodation and monthly living allowances. Research

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Contact: Teacher Zhang

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