Specific work location: Tianjin University, Nankai District, Tianjin Salary: Annual salary of 250,000 yuan before tax Educational background and research direction: Soil carbon and nitrogen processes and pollution Recruitment position: Assistant researcher, postdoctoral fellow company name: School of Earth System Science, Tianjin University company website: http://earth.tju.edu.cn/ Contact information:yanzf17@tju.edu.cn
Job description: 
1. Engaged in soil carbon and nitrogen process research; 
2. Mainly undertakes scientific research tasks, assists in guiding master and doctoral students, and undertakes and participates in the application of scientific research projects; 
3. The employment period is three years, and those with outstanding performance can apply for teaching and research positions. Or enter the next employment period. 

Recruitment conditions: 
1. Have or will receive a doctorate degree. Possess relevant professional background 
in soil science, geography, environmental science, biology, geochemistry, etc.; 2. Have been engaged in indoor soil carbon and nitrogen control experiments. Researchers with skills in isotope tracing, molecular biology, etc. are particularly welcome; 
3. As the first author, published papers in high-level SCI journals; 
4. Have strong Chinese and English writing, communication and expression skills; 
5. Possess good professional ethics and rigorous style of study, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit. 

1. The pre-tax annual salary is 250,000 yuan (full-caliber statistical income), and the research team will provide certain performance rewards according to the work situation. Support the application of the Boxin Program (funding 300-600,000 in two years); 
2. Support the application for postdoctoral fund and National Natural Science Foundation; 
3. Solve children’s enrollment and nursery (Tianjin University Primary School, Affiliated Kindergarten); 
4. The school provides transit housing (Application required), and Tianjin City provides a certain amount of relocation allowance. 

Application materials and procedures 
1. Resume; 
2. 1-2 copies of the applicant’s representative paper and abstract of the doctoral thesis; 
3. Two expert recommendation letters, one of which must be a doctoral thesis supervisor; 
4. ID card Photocopy and a photocopy of the doctorate degree certificate (if you have not yet defended, the expected time to obtain the doctorate degree); 
5. Research plan (2-3 pages);
6. This recruitment notice is valid for a long time, until the recruitment is completed, and the specific matters are subject to the team announcement. 

Contact person and contact information 
Contact person: Teacher Yan, Tel: 18222827236, Email: yanzf17@tju.edu.cn 
Address: 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, Postcode 300072 

Information Remarks: 
1. Passed the “Tianjin University Recruitment System” “Apply (http://join.tju.edu.cn/SkipAction.do?param=HR3001&pid=231200007001¬iceType=5), new users please register first, and fill in personal information. After the information is successfully submitted, you can apply for the position . 
2. School of Earth System Science/Institute of Surface Earth System Science , Tianjin University : http://earth.tju.edu.cn/ 
3. Brief introduction of the main team members: 

Li Siliang , Professor, PhD Supervisor, Outstanding Youth, School of Earth System Science, Tianjin University Fund project winner. Engaged in watershed biogeochemical process and isotope geochemistry research, using isotope end members and chemical material balance to calculate the source and evolution of watershed material, and explore its significance in the regional and global material cycle. Personal homepage: http://earth.tju.edu.cn/info/1403/3682.htm Zhifeng 

Yan, Professor, PhD supervisor, National Four Youth Talent, School of Earth System Science, Tianjin University. Engaged in research on the coupling of hydrological-biogeochemical processes in soil and groundwater, focusing on the soil carbon and nitrogen cycle and the migration and transformation of organic pollutants in groundwater, and building a cross-scale mechanism or process based on the physical, chemical, and biological processes of biogeochemical reactions Model to establish the internal connection between the micro mechanism and the macro law. Personal home page: HTTP: //earth.tju.edu.cn/info/1403/3677.htm 

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