The Tumor Epigenetics Research Group of the Shenzhen University Health Science Center is looking for an associate researcher/postdoctoral fellow

Tumor Epigenetics Research Group of the Shenzhen University Health Science Center is looking for an associate researcher/postdoctoral fellow

The Tumor Epigenetics Research Group of Shenzhen University Health Science Center is looking for associate

researcher /postdoctoral fellow.
4 directly affiliated hospitals; 3 national laboratory platforms, 1 national international science and technology cooperation base, 6 provincial key laboratory platforms, 1 Nobel Prize laboratory, 14 municipal laboratory platforms; 2008-2021 A total of 1,605 scientific research projects have been undertaken annually, with a total funding of about 1.34488 billion, including 37 projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology and 656 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Based in Shenzhen, relying on the development of medical and health services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Faculty of Health Sciences of Shenzhen University is geared towards the world and cultivates high-quality compound medical talents with the spirit of reform and innovation.

2. Research direction and introduction of cooperative supervisors
Research direction
1) The mechanism of tumor transcriptional and epigenetic abnormal regulation and its therapeutic intervention strategy
2) Oncogenic transcription driven by distal super-enhancers
3) Epigenetics during the evolution of tumor chemotherapy resistance Genetic remodeling

Cooperative tutor introduction
Shu Xingsheng, associate professor of the School of Basic Medicine, new master tutor, overseas doctoral tutor, “Liyuan Youqing” of Shenzhen University, senior tutor of Shenzhen University, high-level overseas talents in Shenzhen, graduated from School of Life Sciences, Peking University, graduated from the School of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Ph. Dr. Shu Xingsheng has long been committed to the mechanism of abnormal regulation of tumor transcription and epigenetics and related translational therapy research. He has published more than 20 papers in international authoritative academic journals such as pnas, oncogene, journal of pathology and carcinogenesis as corresponding or first author , has been cited more than 1,200 times, with an h-index of 19, obtained two Chinese invention patent authorizations as the first inventor, presided over a number of national, provincial and municipal projects including national natural surface projects, and served as an international appearance Member of Genetic Society, Tumor Marker Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association, professional member of Guangdong Anti-Cancer Association.

3. Recruitment position
1. One full-time associate researcher
1) Application requirements
 Have obtained a doctorate
; Scientific research innovation ability and teamwork spirit; Can independently engage in scientific research work, and publish no less than
one paper in SCI academic journals;

2) Employment period treatment
 The salary of full-time associate researcher is subject to an annual salary system, and the annual salary of associate researcher is 290,000 to 380,000 yuan, and enjoys social security and provident fund of Shenzhen University and other related benefits. The specific salary and benefits are evaluated according to the academic qualifications, research experience, scientific research ability, etc., and the evaluation must be carried out in accordance with the regulations and employment contract of Shenzhen University when the employment period expires.
Full-time researchers can apply for the “Liyuan Scholars Program” after the end of the contract period, and apply for pre-appointment-long-term teacher positions in Shenzhen University. Those with outstanding achievements will be recommended first. The cooperative supervisor will actively support the recruited personnel to publish high-level papers and independently apply for various scientific research projects during the employment period.
Full-time researchers can apply for the “Lixin Award Plan” during their employment. Those selected will receive an additional incentive salary of 4,000 yuan per month, which will be paid according to the actual month of employment. The payment will not exceed 24 months, and the total will not exceed 96,000 yuan.
Education facilities: Shenzhen University Affiliated Education Group has kindergartens, primary schools, and middle schools, which provide a whole system of high-quality basic education services for the children of faculty members; Medical
care: Shenzhen University General Hospital provides high-quality medical services for faculty members.
Housing policy: You can apply for renting the school’s turnover room;
Employed researchers can also apply for various high-level talent plans and subsidies of the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

3) Job Responsibilities
 Jointly undertake important scientific research topics with cooperative supervisors, and publish high-level scientific research papers;
 Apply for national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects;
 Carry out academic exchanges and cooperation activities.

2. 2 post-doctoral fellows
1) Application requirements  Have obtained a doctorate degree, be under 35 years old, and have graduated from a doctorate degree
no more than 3 years ago;
, good scientific research innovation ability and teamwork spirit;
Publish no less than one paper in sci academic journals;
Have a strong sense of responsibility, love scientific research, have strong English writing skills and good teamwork and communication .

2) Employment period treatment (1) The comprehensive annual salary of postdoctoral fellows in
Shenzhen University is about 330,000 yuan + incentive salary of 48,000 yuan.
The total amount shall not exceed 360,000 yuan).
The school provides a comprehensive annual salary of about 150,000 yuan, and provides housing subsidies or rents a turnover room according to the standard of Shenzhen University’s intermediate professional title.
On this basis, those who meet the requirements can also receive an additional incentive salary of 48,000 yuan per year from the “Lixin Award Program” (subject to the latest notice from the school’s Human Resources Department).

(2) Other benefits and funding:
Postdoctoral fellows with excellent performance during their stay in the station, who meet the requirements of school policies, can apply for the “Liyuan Scholars Program” to formally join Shenzhen University to stay and teach.
Eligible postdoctoral fellows can apply for professional and technical qualification assessment.
Assist in applying for funding for scientific research projects at all levels as the person in charge during the station, including: Postdoctoral Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project, National Boxin Program (the state grants each person a total of 630,000 yuan for two years), Guangdong Overseas Post-doctoral talent support project (600,000 yuan/2 years in station, 400,000 yuan/3 years housing subsidy for overseas students in Guangdong, total 1 million yuan) and other projects.
Post-doctorate candidates can voluntarily choose to settle in Shenzhen. If they choose to settle in Shenzhen, their spouses and minor children can apply for household registration along with them. The enrollment and enrollment of postdoctoral children are in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shenzhen Municipality.
Shenzhen will provide a subsidy of 300,000 yuan to postdoctoral fellows, which will be used for scientific research investment or initial startup expenses.
If the postdoctoral talent funding policy is adjusted, the latest document shall prevail.

3) Job Responsibilities
Share important scientific research projects with the cooperative supervisor, and complete the scientific research tasks during the post-doctorate period as planned; According to
innovative research needs, apply for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation of China, or other scientific research projects;
Publish High-level scientific research papers. For assessment requirements and specific management requirements, refer to relevant regulations such as “Shenzhen Postdoctoral Management Work Regulations” and “Shenzhen University Postdoctoral Management Work”.

4. Applicants are requested to provide the following materials
(1) resume;
(2) proof of degree;
(3) proof of scientific research results.

5. Application procedures
(1) Please send your personal application materials and expected arrival time to the mailbox ,
The subject of the email is: The name of the position you are applying for + the name of the applicant.
(2) Pass the preliminary screening After that, an interview will be arranged. The recruiter will keep the application materials submitted by the applicant confidential.


Dr AF Saeed

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