The Organic Photonics and Nanomedicine Laboratory of Soochow University is looking for postdoctoral fellows and overseas joint doctoral training

The Organic Photonics and Nanomedicine Laboratory of Soochow University is looking for postdoctoral fellows and overseas joint doctoral training.

I. Team introduction: The
research team relies on Soochow University to carry out research in the interdisciplinary fields of international frontier chemistry, materials science and medicine, and has a complete scientific research platform. Li Shengliang is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Soochow University School of Pharmacy. The research group mainly focuses on nanobiophotonics and nanomedicine, and develops new nanomedicine technology with convertible light-heat-magnetism-acoustic properties through the design and construction of a photoactive material system, so as to achieve precision, high efficiency and low toxicity for major diseases Treatment, bioimaging and regulation of biological activity. High levels of SCI research group has now published more than 80 papers, including the first or corresponding author in Adv. Mater., Angew. Chem . In. Ed., ACS Nano, ACS Energy Lett., Mater. Horiz. And other international More than 40 papers published in authoritative journals. Applied for 4 PCT international patents, 5 Chinese patents, and participated in the writing of 2 books in the field of nanomaterials. At the same time, he has long served as a reviewer for many international academic journals such as Angew. Chem. In. Ed., ACS Nano, Adv. Funt. Mater., Nano Energy, ACS Applied Material & Interface .

2. Research directions:
1) Photoactive nano-drugs and probes;
2) New drugs and nano-drug delivery;
3) Diagnostic and therapeutic devices and flexible bioelectronics;
research directions involve chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, pharmacy and medical biology, etc. Subject.

3. Position requirements:
1. Post-doctorate: organic synthesis (dye synthesis and modification, conjugated molecule and polymer synthesis, near-infrared organic optoelectronics, etc.); material synthesis(MOF and COF related materials); Nanomedicine (bioimaging, tumor treatment, and drug delivery related research); Any background in microbes and synthetic biology ;
2. Overseas joint Ph.D.: Master graduate students and outstanding laboratory-related research fields Undergraduate students with good English scores; can meet the admission requirements of Australia Monash University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Macau and other overseas universities
. 3. Associate researcher: the research direction is related to the laboratory and has a good academic research background;

4. Job requirements:
1. Practical and diligent, sincere and responsible, teamwork awareness and good scientific quality;
2. With organic synthetic chemistry/photochemistry/biological materials/pharmacy/oncology/immunology/microbiology/polymer/chemical biology intersection Any relevant professional background in the field ;
2. Have good English reading and writing skills, and publish high-level academic papers as the first author;
3. Have strong independent scientific research capabilities, and have strong analysis of problems and solutions Ability to solve problems;
4. Have a good team spirit and a strong interest in scientific research;

5. Job remuneration:
1. Remuneration during post-doctorate research shall be implemented in accordance with the “Regulations on Postdoctoral Management of Soochow University”. In addition, the research team will provide competitive Other benefits. The unified recruitment of post-doctors implements an agreed annual salary system (the total salary during the three-year unified recruitment of postdoctoral personnel is composed of basic annual salary and bonuses. The total salary of outstanding performance evaluation is 1 million yuan, and the total salary of those with good performance evaluation The salary is 800,000 yuan, and the total salary for those who pass the performance evaluation is 600,000 yuan); the school pays five social insurances and one housing fund (not included in the total annual salary) for postdoctoral staff according to the treatment of faculty and staff, and enjoys faculty and staff benefits; the school provides a rental subsidy of 1,000 yuan /Month (not included in total annual salary); Scientific research results can enjoy scientific research awards in the school and the group (not included in the total annual salary); support outstanding candidates to apply for the new program or special funding (salaries can be superimposed); support the application of the National Postdoctoral Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project , Jiangsu Province, various funds, etc.; those who have outstanding performance in the station can compete for the official lecturer or associate professor position of Jiangsu University according to their research qualifications after leaving the station.
2. The overseas joint training of Ph.Ds is based on the ratio of overseas university scholarships and subsidies, and conducts joint research with overseas universities and conducts bilateral joint research.
3. Associate researchers and researchers are employed under the system of public institutions. The benefits and benefits are implemented in accordance with the unified management policy of the faculty and staff of Soochow University. The salary mechanism of basic annual salary + performance rewards is implemented. For details, please refer to the relevant regulations of Soochow University.
4. This research group has established long-term cooperative and exchange relationships with research groups including Harvard University, City University of Hong Kong, University of Macau, National Nanoscience Center, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., and can recommend well-known research groups at home and abroad for further study and Joint training plan.

6. Contact information:
Please send your detailed resume (including personal contact information, study and research work experience, the main research foundation of the previous period, representative papers, etc.) to the email address : [email protected] , please indicate the title of the email :Name + current company + applied position. Upon receipt, we will reply promptly and ask for follow-up recommendation letters or referral contact information.
Until the recruitment is full ( if the recruitment is full, the follow-up resume applicants will be notified as soon as possible ).

Contact: Lisheng Liang ( [email protected] )
Address: Suzhou Industrial Park, No. 199 Ren Ai Road, Suzhou University Dushu Lake Campus


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