Mei Qingqing Research Group of Zhejiang University is looking for postdoctoral fellows China Jobs 2022

Specific working location:
School of Environment and Resources, Zhejiang University
The annual salary of 200,000-300,000
Educational background and research direction:
Ph.D. Nanocellulose
Recruitment position:

The research group focuses on the resource utilization of organic solid waste, develops efficient organic solid waste directional conversion methods to replace fossil resources to prepare high value-added chemicals, and taps the application potential of organic solid waste as a functional material in environmental pollution control. Realize the transformation of waste into treasure, eliminate pollution, material recycling, and value sublimation, contribute to the establishment of a green and low-carbon circular development economic system, and help my country achieve the important strategic goal of carbon neutrality.
Due to the needs of scientific research, we are now openly recruiting 2-3 post-doctoral researchers at home and abroad. Warmly welcome outstanding doctors in chemistry (catalysis, organic), materials, environment, biology and other related majors to join us to create a better tomorrow of carbon neutrality!
1. Research direction
1. Directional conversion and high-value utilization of solid waste2
. Environmental functional materials based on solid waste
2. Application conditions
1. Under the age of 35, in good physical and mental health, about to graduate with a doctorate in related majors or within three years of graduation;
2.Have published more than one high-level academic paper (first author) since the Ph.D., with strong scientific research ability;
3. 3. Have strong executive power and innovative thinking, able to independently carry out research work under the guidance of a supervisor;
4. Good teamwork awareness and communication skills, strong Chinese and English expression, reading, and writing skills;
5. Excellent doctors with other professional backgrounds who are interested in the research of the research group can also contact pi to discuss the joint points.
3. Work Salary
1. Salary and benefits are implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Zhejiang University for postdoctoral students, 200,000 to 300,000 yuan, one person for one discussion, and the research team will provide additional scientific research awards based on work performance;
2. 2. Post-doctorate who has worked in the station for 2 years or more, can apply for the qualifications of Zhejiang University for senior professional and technical positions;
3. 3. Those who have outstanding scientific research work and outstanding performance can apply for special appointment (associate) researcher and other teacher positions of Zhejiang University at the expiration of the term;
4. Teachers can apply to rent an apartment or apply for schools in accordance with the provisions of the housing subsidy;
5. Provide good scientific research conditions, guide and assist in the publication of high-level papers, and support applications for various fund projects;
6. Support to participate in relevant meetings at home and abroad, and recommend to Cambridge University, Manchester University, McGill University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units to work.
4. How to apply For
those who are interested, please send your resume (pdf file, including complete study and work experience, list of academic papers, and full text of representative papers) to [email protected] , with the subject marked “post-post-post-post graduate application- -My name”. After receiving the initial review of the materials, we will contact the applicant as soon as possible to arrange an interview. If you are interested in the work of the research group but have not yet decided whether to apply or have questions about the position, you can directly add pi WeChat (1026335814) for further communication.
V. Mentor Profile
Mei Qingqing, researcher of the “Hundred Talents Program” of Zhejiang University School of Environment and Resources (to be recruited), doctoral supervisor, and Newton International Scholar. Graduated from the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017, under the tutelage of Academician Han Buxing; entered the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom (qs global ranking 27) in 2018 to engage in post-doctoral research, and was awarded the Newton International Scholarship by the Royal Society (only 58 people globally that year) ; In 2021, he will join the School of Environment and Resources of Zhejiang University full-time as a researcher of the “Hundred Talents Program”. He has been engaged in cutting-edge research on the directional catalytic conversion and resource utilization of biomass waste for a long time, especially in the research of highly selective conversion of lignin and has made major breakthroughs. A total of 24 sci papers have been published in the past five years, among which the first author’s papers include sci. adv. (if=13.136), angew. chem. int. ed. (if=15.336), energy environ. mater. (if=15.122) ) Etc. For more papers, please see and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, University of Cambridge, McGill University, University of Manchester, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Research institutions have established good cooperative relations. The research group focuses on the precise utilization of organic solid waste, and the laboratory atmosphere is relaxed and free. We warmly welcome young people with lofty ideals to work together to create a better carbon-neutral future!


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