Zhejiang University Wang Xuhua’s team newly recruited postdoctoral fellows and research assistants in 2021

The Wang Xuhua team of Zhejiang University recruits new postdoctoral fellows and research assistants in 2021. The Wang Xuhua team of the

School of Brain Science and Neuromedicine of Zhejiang University is now openly recruiting postdoctoral fellows. Postdoctoral fellows in the research group will have the opportunity to study abroad and cooperate with top research teams at home and abroad. The team leader, Dr. Wang Xuhua, is currently a researcher and doctoral supervisor of the “Hundred Talents Program” of the School of Brain Science and Brain Medicine, Zhejiang University, and has received national and provincial scientific research and talent funding support.

1. Postdoctoral post-treatment and requirements
Salary treatment
1. Salary and welfare treatment shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of Zhejiang University postdoctoral students, with an annual salary of 240-360000 yuan*, and additional article awards and year-end awards will be given depending on the performance;
*The top 100 doctors in the world Graduates or exceptionally excellent doctors can provide an annual salary of 360,000 RMB after being approved by the college.
2. The school provides post-doctoral apartments (rental at a preferential price);
3. After 3 years in the station (if the assessment is passed, it can be extended for another 3 years), you can declare the deputy senior title, choose the best to stay in the school, or recommend to work in related hospitals or enterprises;
4 . Provide good experimental and scientific research conditions for post-doctoral fellows, as well as the opportunity to participate in high-level academic conferences at home and abroad;
5. Can independently carry out subject research and apply for post-doctoral funds and the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund.
Recruitment conditions and requirements
1. Obtain a doctorate in the past three years or obtain a doctorate before entry;
2. Have a strong interest in scientific research and have a team spirit;
3.1 Polymer materials, nanomaterials, medicinal chemistry and chemistry-related majors ( Artificial spinal cord tissue engineering and drug delivery vehicle research direction)
3.2 Neuroscience, molecular biology, medicine and biology-related majors (electrophysiology, nerve regeneration, gene therapy, gene delivery vehicle research direction)
3.3 Computer, mechatronics (mechanical electronics) Engineering), biomedical engineering, automation, and related majors (brain-computer interface, health big data research direction)

application materials
1. A personal resume (educational experience, work experience, published papers, honor awards, etc.);
2. Briefly describe the main research methods, research results, and post-employment work assumptions and goals (Research Statement);
3. Important representative works Or a thesis;
4. A recommendation letter from a supervisor (can be sent directly to [email protected] , [email protected] . The
subject of the email and the format of the application materials are “University Doctor Network + Name + Educational Background + School + Major”
(Note make sure that your resume will not be returned, please resume the above format)

Second, treatment and research assistant job requirements
1. the salary and benefits according to relevant provisions of the Executive brain brain Science and Medicine, Zhejiang University, the annual salary of 7-14 million yuan, Additional year-end rewards will be given based on performance;
2. After interviews and assessments, select the best admission, and the treatment will be carried out preferentially.
Recruitment conditions and requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above is required;
2. Have a strong interest in scientific research and have a team spirit;
3. Strong scientific research literacy and English reading and writing skills (students returning from overseas are preferred);
4. Priority is given to molecular biology, neuroscience, medicinal chemistry, materials science, automation control, computer, mechanical engineering, instrument science and related jobs Experienced candidates. Application
materials. A
personal resume (educational experience, work experience, published papers, honor awards, etc.)
(can be sent directly to [email protected] , [email protected] ).
The subject of the email and the format of the application materials “University Doctor Network + Name + Education + School + Major”
(Please ensure that your resume is not returned, please submit your resume in the above format)

3. Recruitment deadline,
long-term effective


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