The Quantum Materials Theory Laboratory of Singapore University of Technology and Design is recruiting PhD students who will be admitted in September 2021. 

Singapore University of Technology and Design (sutd) is a newly-built research university established by Singapore, MIT and Zhejiang University. The homepage of the school is

PhD student admission information and need to be submitted Please refer to for the application materials .
Note: TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for application, but GRE scores are not required. 

Doctoral students have four years of schooling: 
• Free tuition 
• Scholarships based on the applicant’s academic background Divided into two levels, the maximum is 3750 SGD/month (approximately RMB 18,700/month) 
• The first-class scholarship has another 20,000 SGD for participation in academic conferences and visits, and the opportunity to go to other schools or scientific research institutions in the world Exchange for half a year. 
For details , please visit

Supervisor: Yang Shengyuan 
Supervisor’s personal homepage:
Quantum Materials Theory Room (RLQM) website: 
research direction: Use condensed matter theoretical physics methods or first-principles calculation methods to study the physical properties of new low-dimensional materials and topological materials, including topological insulators, topological semimetals, and graphite Two-dimensional layered materials such as alkene; spintronics; quantum transport; 

requirements for applicants:
1. I love scientific research and plan to engage in academic research after graduation. If you don’t really like scientific research, it’s not necessary to read a Ph.D.; 
2. Hard work and initiative; 
3. It is best to major in physics, and also encourage the Department of Mechanics, Materials, Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer, Department of Mathematics, etc. Master or undergraduate graduates are acceptable. 

Interested applicants, please contact Teacher Yang as soon as possible before applying to the school, and send your resume directly to

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