Professor Ute Kaiser’s research group at Ulm University, Germany has long been committed to the transmission electron microscopy characterization of two-dimensional materials ( en/einrichtungen/emms/ ). Since 2004, the research group has focused on exploring the interaction between electrons and materials and the atomic structure analysis of electron beam sensitive materials, and has vigorously promoted the development of low-voltage transmission electron microscopy ( In recent years, we have closely cooperated with the research group of Professor Xinliang Feng from the University of Dresden, and have made considerable progress in the high-resolution imaging of organic two-dimensional materials (1-6), and recently succeeded in the detection of two-dimensional polymers. The grain boundary structure was characterized near atomic level (1). The current research group hopes to continue to expand the scale of research in this direction, so it sincerely recruits CSC postdoctoral fellows and co-trained doctoral students to Ulm University for relevant research. The laboratory is now equipped with scientific research personnel and complete hardware equipment, and is equipped with three transmission electron microscopes: Cs+Cc corrected Sub-Angstrom Low-Voltage Electron Microscope (SALVE) (20-80kV), Cs-corrected FEI 80-300 Titan (80kV) 300kV), Thermofisher Talos 200x (up to 200kV), which can meet the needs of project research. 
Work content 
Perform physical and chemical structural characterization of electron beam sensitive materials, such as low-dose electron diffraction and imaging, three-dimensional rotating electron diffraction, and EELS/EDX energy spectrum analysis. 
Optimize high-resolution imaging conditions, such as accelerating voltage, electron dose, etc. 
The electron irradiation damage mechanism of organic two-dimensional crystals is further studied. 
Application requirements 
Knowledge and operating experience of transmission electron microscope
Those with in-depth knowledge of electronic radiation damage and damage mechanisms are preferred. Those with in-depth understanding 
of organic crystals, such as COF, MOF, etc., are preferred. 
Fluent English communication skills and writing skills. 
Teamwork and independent innovation are preferred. 
Contact us 
Resume and summary of scientific research results will be sent to the mailbox of Professor Ute Kaiser and Dr. Qi Haoyuan ( , ). We will contact you in time. 
In view of the limitation of the remaining working years of Professor Kaiser, the 3 to 4 year CSC PhD program is temporarily not considered. If there is any change, the notification will be updated in time. 
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Nature Research Collection: Celebrating 15 Years of Covalent Organic Frameworks
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