annual salary starts at 360,000. The new energy research group of Shenzhen University recruits postdoctoral fellows, and excellent postdoctoral teachers can be transferred

Excellent post-doctoral fellows can be transferred to teaching posts!!!

1. Team Introduction The
research team leader Wang Zhenboo hired a professor and is a leading talent in the National Ten Thousand Talents Program; he was selected as the Elsevier China Highly Cited Scientist for 7 consecutive years (2014-2020), and published 200+ papers . Presided over 1 project of the Ministry of Equipment Development, 1 major basic research project of the Military Science and Technology Commission; completed 1 863 project as the technical leader, 1 major science and technology project of the Heilongjiang Province “Hundred Million” project, and other provincial and ministerial projects and enterprises More than 30 topics. Obtained 37 nationally authorized invention patents, of which 16 were transformed, creating economic benefits of more than 100 million yuan for the enterprise; 26 invention patents were applied for; 2 new product enterprise standards were drafted; 2 first prizes of Heilongjiang Province Natural Science Award (first completion) 1 item for each person and 1 item for the second finisher), 1 second prize for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Zhejiang Province (2012), and 1 first prize for teaching achievements of Harbin Institute of Technology.
The research group has been involved in Nature Catalysis, Energ. Environ. Sci., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater., Adv. Energ. Mater., Adv. Func. Mater., Appl. Catal. B, Nano Energy Published a series of papers in high-level SCI journals. In addition, the experimental conditions and experimental equipment of the research group are very complete, and the experimental funds are sufficient. Most of the members in the group are young teachers, and the scientific research atmosphere is strong. All electrochemistry doctoral talents are very welcome to join.

2. Research direction
Including but not limited to: advanced chemical power source, electrocatalysis, nano-electrode materials, theoretical calculation

3. Application conditions
1. Persons under 35 years of age who have obtained a doctorate degree not more than 3 years.
2. Possess relevant background in energy chemistry, physical chemistry, electrochemistry or theoretical calculations.

4. Employment
period salary 1. The annual salary of ordinary post-doctorate is 360,000 (before tax).
2. For those who have been funded by the “Boxin Project”, the state grants 600,000 yuan per person for two years, of which 400,000 yuan is the daily funding for post-doctoral fellows, and 200,000 yuan is the post-doctoral science fund, with a combined annual salary of 540,000.
3. Outstanding postdoctoral fellows who conform to the school’s policies can be transferred to teacher positions.
4. Post-doctoral fellows can apply for funding for scientific research projects at all levels as the person in charge.
5. Shenzhen City grants 300,000 yuan of subsidy to out-station postdoctoral fellows for scientific research investment or preliminary expenses for entrepreneurship.

5. Contact information:
Contact person: Teacher Liu Dong
Email: [email protected]
Address: Room 303, Building B2, School of Materials, Lihu Campus, Shenzhen University, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

6. Representative work of the research group
1. JZ Li, ZBWang,* G. Wu*, et al. Atomically Dispersed Manganese Cathode Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Nature Catalysis. 2018, 1, 935-945.
2. JZ Li, HG Zhang, W. Samarakoon, WT Shan, DA Cullen*, S. Karakalos, MJ Chen, DM Gu, KL More, GF Wang, ZX Feng*, ZB Wang*, G. Wu*. Thermally driven structure-performance evolution of atomically dispersed Fe-N4 active sites for oxygen reduction in acids. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 2-12.
3. Liu, D.; Ai, H.; Li, J. ; Fang, M.; Chen, M.; Liu, D.; Du, X.; Zhou, P.; Li, F.; Lo, KH, Surface Reconstruction and Phase Transition on Vanadium–Cobalt–Iron Trimetal Nitrides to Form Active Oxyhydroxide for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation. Advanced Energy Materials 2020, 2002464.
4. Liu, D.; Chen, M.; Du, X.; Ai, H.; Lo, KH; Wang, S.; Chen, S.; Xing, G.; Wang, X.; Pan, H. , Development of Electrocatalysts for Efficient Nitrogen Reduction Reaction under Ambient Condition. Advanced Functional Materials 2021, 2008983.
5. Liu, D.; Tong, R.; Qu, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Zhong, X.; Fang, M .; Lo, KH; Zhang, F.; Ye, Y.; Tang, Y., Highly improved electrocatalytic activity of NiSx: Effects of Cr-doping and phase transition. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2020, 267, 118721.


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