Tenure Track Faculty Positions in Hainan University

I. About HNU

Founded in 1958, Hainan University is a Project 211 university and a key university jointly administered by the Ministry of Education, PRC and Hainan People’s Government. It has 32 Schools (or departments) with more than 40,000 full-time students and more than 2,200 faculties. Currently, HNU has established six post-doctoral R&D bases, ten first-level discipline doctoral programs, 32 first-level discipline master programs, 17 professional master’s degree programs and 71 undergraduate programs.

On April 13, 2018,  in his speech to commemorate the 30th anniversary of  the founding of Hainan Province and the Hainan Special Economic Zone, President Xi Jinping expressed the country’s support for HNU to complete the historic mission of developing world-class disciplines. To this end, HNU has also gained the best support from Hainan provincial Party Committee and Hainan Provincial Government.

On June 1, 2020, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued The Overall Plan for the Construction of HainanFree Trade Port, which blazes new trails for China’s opening up.  In these context, following the principles of being distinctive, targeted disciplines and comprehensive development, HNU have made efforts to better serve the needs of national strategic development and local socio-economic development. In the implementation of its13th Five Year Plan, HNU has optimized the layout of development and made marked progress. In the next five years, HNU defines its 14th Five Year Plan as accelerating the organic development through bench-marking the standards for world class disciplines.

II. Subject Area

  1.  Free Trade Port and Institutional Innovation
  2.  Ecological Civilization
  3.  Cultural Tourism
  4.  Highly Efficient Tropical Agriculture
  5.  Marine Science and Technology
  6.  Life and Health
  7.  Information Technology

III. Target Participants

1. Have a doctor’s degree awarded by a distinguished university at home or abroad, meanwhile have the working experience in distinguished universities, research institutions, well-known enterprises.

2. Comply with the relevant requirements for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission.

IV. Registration

1. Online registration: register through the online registration system before November 25, 2020.

Registration link:


2. invitation and confirmation: All invitation will be completed before December 10, 2020. The invitation letters will be emailed in batches. Within one week after having received the invitation letter, please complete the confirmation form to the organizer.   

V. Benefits for High-Level Talents Introduced to the HNU

Major Funding

1. A settlement fee between 200,000 yuan and 1million yuan will be provided (the first half of which will be paid upon the start of working at HNU)

2. Sufficient research funding shall be provided in accordance with the relevant regulations on talent introduction (up to 10 million yuan for natural sciences and 3 million yuan for humanities and social sciences). The research funding shall be used in accordance with the research plan and the relevant regulations by the research management department.

3. For excellent leaders in research or teaching, in addition to their post salary, talent allowance will be provided with the maximum of 900,000 yuan. Their annual salary range from about 300,000 yuan to 1.2 million yuan; The annual salary for top experts shall be more than 1.8 million yuan.

4. Social insurance and housing provident fund shall be provided in accordance with the  relevant national and provincial provisions ( five insurances and two funds for permanent staff).

 Other Benefits

1. Housing: The talents introduced to work at HNU shall be accredited by the relevant authorities of Hainan Province. Those accredited as talent of Category C are qualified to apply for a rent-free, furnished apartment of 180-200 square meters in the Talent Apartment Block. They will be granted 80% of the ownership of the apartment after working full time at the HNU for five years,  and 100% of the ownership of the apartment after working full time for eight years at the HNU.

Those accredited talents are qualified to apply for the subsidy of 5,000 yuan /month (for Category D) or 3,000 yuan /month (for Category E) for housing rental or purchase (the accumulative payment shall not exceed three years).

2. Hainan provincial government will purchase commercial group health insurance with an annual premium of more than 6,000 yuan and offer annual health examination for talents of Category C and above who work full-time in Hainan.

3. Preferential polices will be provided in terms of household registration, children’s education, spouse’s employment and medical security.

For more details, please refer to The Standards and Implementation Measures of Hainan University for TalentIntroduction (Trial).

VI. Contact

The Personnel Department of HNU

Tel. + 86-0898-66271136

Contact: Sensen Wang Sen,  Shaoyu Ji

E-mail: hdforum@hainanu.edu.cn

See Contact of the schools in Support Document.

You may learn more information at: 


Supporting documents

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