Due to the needs of research work, Cheng Shibo’s research group, the Taishan Scholar Distinguished Professor of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shandong University, is now looking for postdoctoral fellows. This recruitment information is valid for a long time. 
At present, the school’s third batch of post-doctoral recruitment for special funding in 2020 has started. For details, please refer to https://www.chem.sdu.edu.cn/info/1084/14514.htm . 

1. Mentor profile: 
Cheng Shibo, male, professor (doctoral supervisor), Shandong Taishan Scholar Distinguished Professor, Shandong University Qilu Young Scholar Distinguished Professor, pnas cozzarelli prize winner. The research group is committed to the design, synthesis, characterization and functionalization of new clusters and low-dimensional materials related to energy and catalysis. Recently, he has published many high-level research papers in internationally renowned journals such as PNAS, JCAS, CCS Chem, JPCL, and JMCA. 

At present, the research group has completed the construction of gas-phase cluster time-of-flight mass spectrometry-photoelectron imaging spectroscopy. Young talents interested in the precise preparation and characterization of gas-phase clusters are welcome to join. 

Webpage: http://faculty.sdu.edu.cn/shibo_clusters/zh_cn/index.htm

2. Postdoctoral Recruitment Positions and Application Requirements 
Position: Postdoctoral in Physical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, and Computational Chemistry. 

Direction: cluster physical chemistry, cluster assembly materials. 
          Photocatalysis, two-dimensional materials, energy materials related directions. 

Recruitment conditions: 
(1) Have a doctorate degree in chemistry, physics, materials, etc. from well-known universities or research institutions at home and abroad. 
(2) Age, the age of applying for postdoctoral positions is generally not more than 35 years old.
(3) The research direction is related to theoretical and computational chemistry, energy materials and chemistry, chemical physics, energy devices, analytical chemistry, and catalytic chemistry. 
(4) Have strong independent research and thinking skills, good reading and writing skills in Chinese and English scientific papers, integrity, hard work, and good team spirit in human and scientific research. 
(5) Published multiple first author articles in sci magazine. 

3. Job remuneration 
1) According to research background and results, annual salary of 300,000 yuan + annual performance of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. Those who are selected from the Jinan School Headquarters and meet the relevant policies of Jinan City will receive an additional 5,000 yuan/month.    

ps: (1) Post-doctors with a good scientific research background can be directly given a performance of 100,000 yuan after entering the station, and they will be rewarded with a performance of 100,000 yuan for publishing top journals during the station), and excellent post-doctoral students can directly stay in the school to teach. 
     (2) If you have any thoughts on the salary, you are very welcome to put forward the salary you want. 

2) Provide a good working environment, enjoy five social insurances and one housing fund, and other benefits refer to regular employees. 
3) As the person in charge, apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and provincial and municipal projects; 
4) Those who have outstanding performance and intend to continue to develop in Shandong University can be employed as assistant researchers or associate researchers. Those who meet the conditions can apply for Qilu Young Scholars of Shandong University to receive corresponding talent subsidies. 

Other benefits: 
1. The school has four affiliated hospitals and a number of affiliated primary and secondary schools (Shandong University Affiliated Middle School ranks second in the country), which can provide high-quality medical care services and basic education services for post-doctoral students who transfer to our school. 
2. During the post-doctorate’s stay at the station, pay social insurance and housing provident funds at the same standards as in-service teachers, and enjoy the same books and research resources as in-service teachers. 
3. The school provides postdoctoral apartments for qualified postdoctoral students for preferential rental. 
4. The school implements international academic exchange programs and supports postdoctoral fellows in the station to participate in international high-level academic activities.
5. The research team assists applicants in applying for various postdoctoral fund projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. 

3. Application materials and methods. 
Send detailed resumes and 1-3 representative papers to shibocheng-at-sdu.edu.cn. Please indicate “application + name” in the subject of the email.

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