SUSTECH Semiconductor Photoelectric Sensing Devices-Recruitment 

Southern University of Science and Technology-Semiconductor Photoelectric Sensing Devices-Recruiting Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctorate/Research Assistant

Research direction:
Manufacture and application of optoelectronic sensor devices
Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for sensing and recognition
Integrated packaging of optoelectronic devices
3D printing/microfluidic chip

-Research assistant professor/postdoctoral
position A doctorate degree in electronics or other majors or has obtained the qualification to be awarded a doctorate degree;
2) Be well-behaved, have good professional ethics, love scientific research, and have a strong enterprising spirit;
3) Be able to communicate proficiently in English and be able to write research papers ;
4) Have published high-level scientific research papers as the first author in domestic and foreign journals;
5) Encourage the development of innovative theoretical and experimental research in other directions;
6) Priority will be given to those with strong hands-on ability.
Job Salary: Annual Salary > 300,000 RMB

– Research Assistant Position
1) Obtained or will obtain a bachelor’s degree or above in a related major;
2) Be well-behaved, hard-working, and proactive;
3) Have good English reading, writing, speaking skills and Computer operation ability;
4) Those who have experience in semiconductor device technology and strong hands-on ability are preferred.

Tutor homepage:

Application materials:
detailed resume, including study, work and scientific research experience, main scientific research achievements, and other materials that can prove working ability. (Indicate in the title of the email: name + application position)

Interested parties are welcome to submit their resumes to the email:


Dr AF Saeed

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