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SUSTech Liu Ji’s research group has been recruiting research faculty/postdocs/PhDs China 2022

SUSTech Liu Ji’s research group has been recruiting research faculty/postdocs/PhDs China 2022

Introduction to Associate Professor Liu Ji and his team:

Dr. Liu Ji is the “35 Technological Innovation Persons under 35” in China by MIT Technology Review in 2020, a high-level talent in Guangdong Province, a high-level overseas talent in Shenzhen, an associate professor and a doctoral student at Southern University of Science and Technology tutor. From 2010 to 2013, he was funded by the EU Erasmus Mundus joint doctoral project. He was engaged in doctoral research at the University of Bordeaux in France and the University of Liege in Belgium, and obtained doctorates in physical chemistry and chemistry of condensed matter materials respectively. From 2014 to 2018, he was engaged in postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge, UK. During this period, he was funded by the Marie Curie Scholars Program of the EU Seventh Framework Program. From 2018 to 2019, he was engaged in postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School. His research interests are the design of extreme performance of soft matter materials, active soft materials, soft material 3D printing, hydrogel bioelectronics, biosensing, and functional soft materials. The application of materials in human-computer interface.

Dr. Liu Ji has achieved important original research results recognized by domestic and foreign peers in the field of functional soft materials, and has been in top academic journals in the fields of materials, chemistry and engineering, such as Science Advances (Science sub-journal, impact factor 11.5, 1 article) , Nature Communications (Nature sub-journal, impact factor 12.1, 3 papers), PNAS (impact factor 9.5, 2 papers), Accounts of Chemical Research (impact factor 20.9, 1 paper), Advanced Materials (impact factor 21.9, 4 papers), Angewandte Chemie International Edition (IF 12.1, 2 papers), Advanced Functional Materials (IF 13.3, 5 papers) and other journals published more than 40 papers, two of which were selected as ESI highly cited papers, with a cumulative impact factor of over 200 (only Including the first author’s article), with a total of more than 1700 citations. In addition, it has obtained 5 domestic authorized invention patents, applied for 1 international patent, and applied for 10 domestic invention patents.

1. Recruitment of research assistant professors Job


1. Have obtained a doctorate degree in materials, mechanics, machinery or related fields;

2. Have post-doctoral work experience in overseas or domestic research universities, research institutions or more than 2 years of higher-level scientific research work

3. Published more than 2 papers as the first author in mainstream SCI journals in related fields in the past 5 years, and the papers can reflect their own strengths and abilities;

4. Be able to carry out scientific research work in the relevant research direction of the research group;

5. Have discovered problems , problem-solving and communication and coordination skills.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist in leading and participate in the work of the research group project;

2. Complete the research and publish high-level academic papers with international competitiveness;

3. Apply for research funding to support the research;

4. Instruct doctoral and master students Wait.

Post treatment:

1. Provide competitive salary treatment, which is negotiable according to the applicant’s academic background. Enjoy the formal staff treatment of SUSTech, the annual salary includes: salary, welfare fees such as meal allowance, high temperature subsidy, etc., performance bonus, in addition, the school pays five insurances and one housing fund in accordance with national regulations;

2. The research group provides good scientific research conditions, Including some scientific research funds, foreign exchange opportunities, etc.; fully support research assistant professors/senior research assistants as the person in charge to apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other national, provincial and municipal projects;

3. Those who meet the requirements can apply for Shenzhen high-level 1.6-2,000,000 housing subsidy policies for talents and Peacock Talent Program (by grades) (subject to the latest relevant talent declaration requirements in Shenzhen).

2. Postdoctoral Recruitment

Job requirements:

1. Doctorate degree, with a professional background in polymer, materials, mechanics, mechanics, chemistry, etc.;

2. Those who have been engaged in research in the fields of polymer materials, functional polymers, biological materials, 3D printing, soft material materials and structural mechanics design, active materials, micro-nano optics, etc. are given priority;

3. Strong hands-on ability and good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

4. Diligent, practical, and teamwork spirit;

5. The age should not exceed 35 years old, and the doctoral degree should not exceed 3 years.

Post treatment:

1. The annual post-doctoral salary is 335,000 yuan, including a subsidy of 150,000 yuan from Guangdong Province (before tax) and a living allowance of 60,000 yuan in Shenzhen (after tax). Other employee benefits are paid according to school standards.

2. According to the specific scientific research performance of postdoctoral fellows, they can enjoy the corresponding scientific research performance awards of the departments and research groups.

3. Postdoctoral fellows who choose to stay in Shenzhen to engage in scientific research work and have signed labor (employment) contracts with enterprises and institutions in this city for more than 3 years can apply for research funding for Shenzhen postdoctoral fellows to stay in Shenzhen to Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Municipal Government gives 100,000 yuan of scientific research funding per person per year for a total of 3 years.

5. According to their own conditions, postdoctoral fellows who stay in Shenzhen or leave the station can apply for “Shenzhen Peacock Program C-category Talents” or “Shenzhen Reserve Talents”, and enjoy 5 years of 1.6 million incentive allowances (tax-free) (with The latest relevant talent declaration requirements in Shenzhen shall prevail).

3. Recruitment of scientific research assistants Job


1. Excellent postgraduates in soft materials and related majors (polymers/materials/chemistry/mechanics/engineering/mechanical/chemistry);

2. Interested and enthusiastic in scientific research, and active in work;

3. Diligent, practical, with teamwork spirit;

4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Job benefits:

1. Competitive remuneration packages are provided, with an annual salary of not less than 100,000 yuan, and five insurances and one housing fund;

2. National statutory holidays and paid annual leave as stipulated by the school;

3. Enjoy the holiday fee, meal allowance, free physical examination, high temperature subsidy, bonus and other benefits.

4. Contact information

“If you are interested, please send your resume (pdf) and other related materials to . Please indicate “graduating school + name + job position” in the subject of the email. We look forward to your joining!’


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