Specific work location:
Guangzhou Biological Island
Before tax> 360,000

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital (Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University) was founded in 1835 and is located on the beautiful Pearl River in Huacheng, Guangzhou. It is the first western medical hospital in modern China, the cradle of Chinese western medical education, and the birthplace of Sun Yat-sen University’s medical department. With a century of inheritance, the hospital has now developed into a large-scale comprehensive Grade-A hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care, and is moving quickly towards the goal of building a leading domestic and world-class research hospital! The hospital has a gathering of talents and a solid research foundation. In 2019, Dean Professor Song Erwei was elected as an academician of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Under the leadership of the hospital’s leadership team, the hospital adheres to the concept of “talents are the first resource”, unblocks talent introduction channels, innovates post-doctorate training strategies, and launches a long-term doctoral program led by academicians and supported by the national tutor Tiantu The post-doctoral training program has built a “pyramid” type talent cultivation system that benefits talents at all stages of development. After vigorous introduction and careful training, it now has nearly 50 national-level talents, and nearly 150 provincial and ministerial-level talents. The talent team is full of vitality. The Hospital Bioinformatics Center is now openly recruiting an assistant researcher in the field of bioinformatics, whose research direction is RNA bioinformatics research related to major diseases. 

1. Recruitment position 
Bioinformatics assistant researcher, 1 
2. Work location: 
Guangzhou Biological Island 

3. Recruitment requirements: 
applicants must meet the following conditions: 
1. Bioinformatics/Computer Science/Medical/Pharmacy/Biology/Molecular Medicine Majors are available, and bioinformatics or related research fields are required. 
2. Doctor degree 
3. Physical and mental health, strong sense of responsibility, strong teamwork spirit and communication and coordination skills. 
4. The mobility period is two years. During the mobility period, one postdoctoral fellow is completed, and the postdoctoral fellow will become regular after leaving the station. 

4. Treatment:
During the mobility period, the salary is treated as a postdoctoral fellow, and the salary after conversion is higher than that during the postdoctoral period. Post-doctorate implements a salary system of “starting annual salary” plus “entry allowance” plus “mid-term assessment performance”, and the maximum pre-tax rate can reach 360,000 and above. Enjoy the scientific research award policy: articles published during the station and the funds received will be awarded according to the hospital scientific research award policy, and there is no ceiling. 

V. Materials to be provided by the applicant: 
1. Resume; 
2. Other relevant certification materials that can prove the applicant’s level and ability (certificates of important scientific research achievements (including patents) obtained, certification of domestic and foreign employment, etc.); 
3 , My contact details. 

7. Resume delivery method: 
Please submit your resume according to the following requirements: 

and send a copy to: 
Teacher Yin: yind3@mail.sysu.edu.cn
Teacher Liao: liaojy3@ mail.sysu.edu.cn

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