Su Ping Research Group of Zhejiang University recruits postdoctoral fellows 

Dr. Su Ping is a researcher of Zhejiang University School of Medicine Platform Hundred Talents Program, a researcher at the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Dr. Su Ping is a researcher at Zhejiang University School of Medicine Platform Hundred Talents Program, a researcher at the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Zhejiang University International Institute of Health Medicine, Zhejiang University “Belt and Road” International School of Medicine, and a doctoral supervisor. Dr. Su Ping graduated from Peking University Health Science Center with an eight-year major in basic medicine and then went to the University of Toronto (co-supervisor: Academician Liu Fang) to conduct research work as a postdoctoral fellow and a research scientist. Dr. Su Ping mainly studies the regulation of protein-protein interaction on the function of membrane proteins, and its role in the occurrence of neurological diseases and mental diseases, so as to discover new drug targets for the treatment of related diseases and provide a basis for the diagnosis of neurological and mental diseases. And treatment provides new directions and strategies. Dr. Su Ping has published nearly 30 SCI papers in international well-known journals, including Neuron, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Science Signaling, Neuropsychopharmacology, and Journal of Neuroscience, among which more than 10 papers were published as the first author or co-author, and 3 books were published. Research on schizophrenia was funded by the NARSAD Young Scholars Research Fund provided by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in the United States in 2017.

In the future, the research group will mainly focus on using various research techniques such as molecular biology, cell biology, animal behavior, and iPSC-induced organoids to reveal the molecular mechanism of membrane protein complexes involved in the occurrence of related diseases and through the analysis of patient tissue samples Multi-omic analysis such as transcriptomics, proteomics, and protein-interactomics can screen new drug targets for diseases and provide new directions and strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.
The unit has a leading domestic and world-class multidisciplinary interdisciplinary basic research and clinical transformation platform. The research team has complete supporting conditions and sufficient research funds. It is now looking for 3 postdoctoral fellows from domestic and foreign institutions.


Postdoctoral candidates are required to be under 35 years old, have obtained (nearly three years) or will soon obtain a doctorate degree, master basic biological research skills, and have research experience in co-immunoprecipitation, proteomics technology, or animal behavior Priority is given to neurobiology, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology and another related professional background; as the first author to publish at least one paper in international journals; strong research interests, innovative consciousness, rigorous scientific attitude, and Have good hands-on and communication skills and the spirit of teamwork; have a good English level, and can read scientific literature, communicate scientific issues and write papers in English fluently.

After entering the station, postdoctoral fellows will enjoy five social insurances and one housing fund, with an annual salary of more than 400,000 yuan (excluding scientific research awards), and apply for renting a postdoctoral apartment; according to the policy, enjoy government housing subsidies of 800,000 yuan; the research team will fully assist members in achieving Personal career development goals, those who are excellent in the assessment can be recommended to apply for relevant researcher positions in Zhejiang University; the research team actively helps to apply for national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects; the unit provides supporting support according to the project funds.

Resume Delivery
Applicants, please send your resume (including basic personal information, contact information, study and work experience, representative papers, projects, patents and awards, and information on 3 referees) to:
title Indicate “postdoctoral applicant + Su Ping + name”.


Dr AF Saeed

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