State Grid Shandong Electric Power will recruit postdoctoral fellows in 2023 (control theory and control engineering direction)

State Grid Shandong Electric Power will recruit postdoctoral fellows in 2023 (control theory and control engineering direction)

Workstation Introduction:
State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China. It has 17 prefecture-level power supply companies, 17 business support units and comprehensive units, 3 emerging industry units and 98 county power supply companies. , serving 53.47 million power customers, is the first “China’s first-class management provincial power company”, and has won the National May 1st Labor Award, National Civilized Unit, China’s Power Industry Responsibility Communication and Innovation Excellence Enterprise Award, etc., benchmarking , The performance has been in the forefront of the State Grid Corporation for many years in a row. The company’s postdoctoral scientific research workstation is supported by the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Research Institute.
State Grid Shandong Electric Power Research Institute was established in 1954 and is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is the business support unit of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company and the technical supervision organization of Shandong Electric Power authorized by the Shandong Provincial Government. It is mainly responsible for the province’s electric power technical supervision, technical services, Technology research and development, equipment status inspection and evaluation, dispatch control operation technical support and material quality inspection and other functions. There are currently 465 registered employees, including 82 doctors and 71.7% with master’s degree or above. There are 1 academician workstation, 3 State Grid Corporation (key) laboratories, 1 key laboratory in Shandong Province, and 1 smart grid technology innovation center. Over the years, adhering to the main line of 1721 work of “one command, seven supports, two major services, and one innovation”, it has successively led the establishment of 53 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological projects such as the national key research and development plan, and won the first prize in the central enterprise innovation and creativity competition. 77 awards at the provincial and ministerial level and above, such as the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Shandong Province. Cultivate 3 experts with special government allowances from the State Council, 3 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province, 1 young expert from Taishan Scholars, 1 State Grid scientific and technological research team, and 1 chief expert.

Recruiting majors and directions:
control theory and control engineering

Recruiting conditions:
a. Ph.D candidates, all graduated from top universities at home and abroad, under the age of 35, and have obtained a doctoral graduate certificate and a degree certificate within the past 3 years.
b. Possess strong scientific research ability and professionalism, be able to independently undertake professional research on related topics, and carry out pioneering and innovative work.
c. As the first author (the tutor and only the tutor who ranks first can be equivalent to the first author) has published no less than 2 papers of Chinese core or above in related majors; presided over or participated as the main person in charge of relevant professional provinces and departments Research and development of scientific research projects at the level and above.

Working treatment:
a. After entering the station, sign a labor contract with the host unit, and transfer the personnel and organizational relations to the host unit. The training period is two years, and the same level and similar personnel can enjoy incentive remuneration and the postdoctoral talent “seed of Shandong Electric Power” “Incentive special treatment. After passing the exit assessment, the labor contract will be renewed according to the wishes of both parties.
b. After entering the station, you can rely on the workstation to apply for the postdoctoral living allowance in Shandong Province and the postdoctoral subsidy (subsidy) in Jinan City.
c. Pay “five insurances and one housing fund” in accordance with national regulations, and enjoy annual leave, medical examination and other benefits.
d. Special rewards will be given to those who preside over approved national, provincial and ministerial science and technology projects, postdoctoral science funds, and postdoctoral innovative talent support programs before entering the station or during the station.

If you are interested, please send your resume and contact information to


Dr AF Saeed

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