Specific working location:
National Nanoscience Center, No. 11, Zhongguancun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Educational background and research direction:
PhD Biology/Medical Direction
Recruitment position:
Special Research Assistant
Contact information:

The National Nanoscience Center is a fully funded public institution jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and has independent legal personality. According to the needs of scientific research, the research team of Researcher Hu Zhiyuan plans to recruit 2 special research assistants (postdoctoral). 
  First, research 
studies in the field of nanotechnology applications on translational medicine, including systems biology research, artificial intelligence and biopsy fluid, comprising Research CTC sequencing single cell, and self-assembled nanomaterials big health data, including the study of disease Accurate diagnosis and intervention of chronic diseases such as tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. 
Hu Zhiyuan graduated from the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and he is particularly good at translational medicine research. Several invention patents have been completed and the products have been transformed into market applications. Young people interested in nano-translational medicine are welcome. 
  2. Requirements 
    1. Have a doctorate degree in biology, chemistry, medicine and computing science at home and abroad; 
  2. Have a passion for scientific research, have a certain ability to independently engage in subject research and good scientific and technological English reading and writing skills, One author has published high-level research papers in international academic journals; 
  3. Background in oncology, medical laboratory, pathology and public health medicine is preferred. 

  Third, the benefits 
wages and benefits favorably accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Center for Nanoscience. 
For specific benefits and details, please refer to the website: http://www.nanoctr.cas.cn/zszp2017/202003/t20200319_5517403.html . 

  Fourth, the mode of application 
Interested applicants please apply for job application forms, curriculum vitae, a list of papers or to reflect the personal ability to send relevant information to gongh@nanoctr.cn , and with a copy to dhr@nanoctr.cn. Please indicate the application group and the specific application position in the subject of the email. 
  V. Contact 
  Address: Haidian District, Beijing North a No. 11 National Center for Nanoscience (100190) 

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