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In recent years, the research and development and industry of cell and gene therapy drugs have flourished, showing great potential in the repair of tissues and organs, the treatment of cancer, nervous system and other diseases. According to Frost & Sullivan’s statistics, the compound annual growth rate of the industry’s market size in the past five years has reached more than 70%, and 19 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies have deployed cell and gene therapy drug research and development.

[R&D Content]
Professor Chen Shangwu’s research group uses the synthesis of organic compounds and the preparation of polymer materials as basic tools to develop cell and gene therapy drugs for repairing tissues and organs, treating knee arthritis, ischemic stroke and other diseases; Medical units and pharmaceutical companies work closely together to carry out clinical trials and ultimately realize their industrialization. R&D work specifically includes:
– Development of organic materials (lipids, polysaccharides, proteins, etc.)
– Optimization of gene sequences and design and preparation of gene vectors (plasmids, viruses and nanoparticles)
– Gene delivery and gene editing in cells
– Scale- up Biopharmaceutical Preparation Technology
– Preclinical Research Using Animal Models

[Applicant Requirements]
Candidates should have good Chinese and English reading and writing skills, strong self-motivation, independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and teamwork spirit. Doctors and masters with one or more of the following experience are welcome to join the team, and the major is not limited.
– Synthesis, modification or material preparation of organic compounds
– Optimization of gene sequences or design and preparation of gene vectors (plasmids, viruses or nanoparticles)
– Cell and molecular biology, immunology
– Drug research and development

[job and treatment]
Position/Associate Researcher (3): Ph.D., with high scientific research level and organizational ability, or achievements in line with the development plan of the research group in industrial transformation. The salary is 250,000 to 500,000 yuan, the scientific research fund is 300,000 to 1,000,000 yuan, and the settlement fee is 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. Special outstanding people can be negotiated. Talent room 5-6% discount.

Postdoctoral positions (3-4): According to the applicant’s ability, it is divided into A, B, and C categories (A: 400,000 + tutor subsidy (0-180,000) + performance reward + five insurances and one housing fund B: 300,000 + Mentor subsidy (0-120,000) + performance reward + five insurances and one housing fund C: mentor negotiable + performance reward + five social insurances and one housing fund).

Assistant Researcher/Research Intern (2): According to the applicant’s own ability, the salary range of 130,000-250,000 is provided, with a master’s degree or above, and the age is generally not more than 35 years old. Undergraduates with rich industrial experience can be hired as exceptions. Talent room 5-6% discount.
Note: 1. Provide career establishment to help solve the problem of spouse’s work and children’s schooling; 2.          Guaranteed
         housing: a set of talent apartment (rental) or rental subsidy is provided upon entry;
Set up a scientific research team;
4. Welfare and incentives: Five insurances and one housing fund (part borne by the unit) are additionally provided by the Institute; scientific research performance awards and other benefits will be issued separately according to the Institute’s policies; for
details, please refer to: http://www.wiucas.

【Unit introduction】
The National Academy of Sciences Wenzhou Research Institute was established in May 2019, formerly known as the Wenzhou Institute of Biomaterials and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (in preparation) (in 2011, it was jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and the People’s Government of Wenzhou City). The institute promotes the incubation and transformation of life health and medical intelligent equipment technology with basic innovation, focusing on goal-oriented medical biomaterials, clinical transformation and application of stem cells, precision medicine and personalized diagnosis and treatment, and intelligent medical equipment with major clinical application prospects. Research, and strive to build an innovation center and a transfer and transformation center of scientific and technological achievements that have the international advanced level of “materials, medicine, equipment and medicine”. The Wenzhou Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences has made every effort to promote the construction of high-end talent teams. There are more than 50 scientific research teams and more than 300 scientific research personnel. For details, please visit:

[Group leader]
Professor Chen Shangwu, the leader of the research group, will join the Wenzhou Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in August 2022. From 2016 to 2022, he led the development of large-scale cell culture technology for regenerative medicine in the world’s top 500 companies, overcame a number of technical bottlenecks and achieved the world’s largest stem cell preparation, and cooperated with Japanese and European and American companies to develop a number of Cell therapy drugs. From 2011 to 2016, Professor Chen Guoping’s research group developed natural polymer porous scaffolds for tissue and organ repair at the National Institute of Materials Research, Japan, and obtained a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in materials from the University of Tsukuba. He received a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2010. He has published 14 high-level papers, and has applied for 11 patents in Japan, Europe and the United States in recent years and obtained 1 authorization. Received the Young Investigator Award of the World Congress of Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, the Poster Award of the World Congress of Biomaterials, and the University of Tsukuba President’s Research Commendation. In 2020, it will be selected into the Zhejiang Province Overseas Talent Introduction Program.

[Application process]
Please prepare your resume, contact the research group leader directly, and participate in an interview after communication between the two parties.
WeChat and Tel: 17260363662, Email:


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