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Tsinghua University
Educational background and research direction:
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company name:
Tsinghua University
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The main research direction of 
the laboratory : The laboratory is engaged in structural biology research, focusing on the structure and function of RNA and structural cell biology. Due to scientific research needs, the laboratory plans to recruit two postdoctoral fellows: RNA structure for 

, and dynamic analysis is drug design. 
1. Required skills 
1. Small molecule design. 
2. Molecular biology, RNA and protein related purification and biochemical experiment experience. 
3. Single molecule technology. 
2. Job requirements: 
1. Possess small molecule design experience, good calculation foundation, molecular dynamic simulation experience and related articles, and a doctorate degree (Master degree or above in chemistry is preferred); 
2. RNA or protein preparation and related biochemical experiments ; 
3. Single molecule experiment. 
4. Have a good teamwork spirit, good communication and learning skills, be proactive and willing to serve. 

The salary of the post is in 
accordance with the standards of Tsinghua University postdoctoral workstation. 

How to apply: 
Candidates need to submit a detailed personal study and work resume. Please provide a brief description of their research experience and experimental skills acquired during the doctoral period in the email. Please indicate in the subject of the email: “Apply for Postdoctoral”, and send the electronic version of the application materials to hngshi2@vip.126.com. Those who pass the preliminary examination will be notified by email of specific interview matters. 

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