Specific work location:
Shenzhen University, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
Annual salary 320000+
Educational background and research direction:
Energy materials
Recruitment position:
company name:
Shenzhen University
Contact information:
15700079763 (Chen)

Introduction to the research group: 
Fan Ping, Professor of School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University, Director of Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Thin Films and Applications, Director of Institute of Thin Film Physics and Applications of Shenzhen University, Chairman of Shenzhen Vacuum Society, and concurrently director of China Vacuum Society , Deputy Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Physics Society, based on the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Film and Application Platform, under-researching National Natural Science Foundation of China, major special projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, major scientific research projects of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen discipline layout projects, etc., with sufficient funding. Professor Fan Ping led the team to win the second prize of Guangdong Natural Science and was nominated for the National Natural Science Award. The research group has a dedicated laboratory of more than 1,000 square meters, of which a thousand-level clean room is 250 square meters, and a hundred-level clean room is 50 square meters. It has complete film and performance characterization equipment, and has established a complete dedicated thin-film solar cell and thermoelectric film preparation and testing experimental platform . At present, more than 100 SCI academic papers have been published in high-level magazines such as Energy Environmental Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Nano Energy, Chemical Engineering Journal, Nanoscale, and 12 domestic invention patents have been authorized. Japan, There are 7 invention patents authorized by the United States and the European Union. 
Unit name: School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University. 
Recruitment major 
. Doctors in energy or materials are preferred 
(1) Antimony-based thin film solar cells (including Sb2Se3, Sb2S3 and Sb2(SSe)3, etc.); 
(2) Copper-based thin film solar cells (Including CZTS, CZTSe, CZTSSe, etc.); 
(3) Sulfur-based thin film optoelectronic devices are used for photolysis of water to produce hydrogen; 
(4) Thermoelectric film preparation and application; 
(5) Low-dimensional sensitive film materials and surface acoustic wave microfluidic devices And sensors. 
Post-doctorate employment period treatment and work location (pre-tax annual salary starting from 320,000)
(1) Work location: School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Shenzhen University; 
(2) According to the relevant post-doctoral assessment and allowances of Shenzhen Municipal Personnel Bureau, 180,000 yuan per year (after tax), of which 60,000 yuan and The school makes up for 120,000 yuan; 
(3) Shenzhen University provides a monthly living allowance of 8,000 yuan; 
(4) Shenzhen University provides a monthly housing allowance of 2,240 yuan, and a monthly lunch allowance of 350 yuan for 10 months each year; 
(5) Tutors A monthly research allowance of not less than RMB 2,000; 
(6) Shenzhen University has established an excellent post-doctorate training program, and you can apply if you meet the following conditions: (A) Top 200 universities (including domestic) of Times Higher Education World University are fresh or graduated within one year Ph.D; (B) PhD in natural sciences published 3 academic papers above JCR District 2 as the first author during his PhD. For postdoctoral fellows who meet the above requirements, additional rewards of 2,000 yuan per month will be given for a total of two years. 
In addition, 
(1) Shenzhen University (School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering) will give corresponding awards to post-doctoral high-level papers published by Shenzhen University as the communication unit; 
(2) Excellent post-doctoral fellows will be awarded the National Natural Science Foundation of China during their employment. , You can apply for priority conversion as a teacher according to the policy requirements of the personnel department of Shenzhen University; 
(3) For overseas doctoral jobs, you can apply for the Shenzhen Peacock Program 1.6-2 million housing subsidy; and can apply for 3-5 million research start-up funds; 
(4) Those who meet the requirements of Shenzhen reserve-level talents can apply for a housing subsidy of 1.6 million yuan; 
(5) According to the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen government, 300,000 yuan of research start-up funding will be given to the workers who stay in Shenzhen after leaving the station; 
(6) Can choose voluntarily Settled in Shenzhen. For those who choose to settle in Shenzhen, their spouses and minor children can apply for moving in. The enrollment and enrollment of post-doctorate children shall be implemented in accordance with Shenzhen’s relevant regulations. 
Recruitment requirements 
(1) Have obtained or are about to obtain a doctoral degree certificate and degree certificate in recent years;
(2) Have an interest in scientific research, have a good research foundation and relevant research background; 
(3) Have good experimental skills and problem-solving skills; 
(4) Have strong scientific research and innovation ability and English writing ability , Published good academic papers; 
(5) Have the ability to independently carry out research work, and have excellent teamwork spirit; Application 
(1) Provide a detailed resume; After passing the preliminary review, provide academic certificates, degree certificates and identity copy of the certificate; 
(2) representation of the results, including papers, patents, awards, etc., each no more than 5; 
other relevant evidence (3) awards and so on. 
Contact Information 
Send the electronic version of the relevant materials to the mailbox chensh@szu.edu.cn (contact: Assistant Professor Chen Shuo), and the subject of the email should write “name of applicant + graduation school + application position”, such as “Zhang San Peking University Apply for postdoctoral fellow”. Those who pass the preliminary review will be notified of the interview.

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