Shenzhen People’s Hospital Medical and Health Research Team Recruitment Notice for 2020 (recruiting several post-doctors, research assistants, and scientific research secretaries) 

Shenzhen People’s Hospital (hereinafter referred to as “the hospital”) is a collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and health care It is the first and largest comprehensive Grade A hospital in Shenzhen. The hospital has strong technical force. It is also the First Affiliated Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology and the Second Clinical School of Jinan University. 

[Team introduction] The 
medical and health research team is a domestic first-class and internationally leading team of scientists. Relying on the newly established department of Shenzhen People’s Hospital in 2019, the team is committed to the combination of clinical research and basic research, and actively promotes the transformation of scientific research results. 

How to apply 
: Resume: sent to the mailbox, including: ① basic personal information (personal recent photo, educational background, contact information, etc.); ② scientific research experience and experimental skills mastered; ③ paper publication and project participation status (if there is no paper The publication requires a detailed introduction of the topics completed/participated); ④Research interests and directions, etc. 
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