Due to development needs, Associate Researcher Wang Xiao, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, recruits 3~4 guest students (Master/Ph.D.) in the field of computational materials, who are engaged in scientific research in functional materials calculation simulation, and have relevant scientific research background priority. 
Introduction to the 
research group Associate researcher Wang Xiao obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Peking University School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering in 2015. After graduation, he was hired by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Multiscale Carbon Materials Center of the Korean Academy of Basic Sciences to carry out postdoctoral research. Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Academy of Sciences. Mainly engaged in low-dimensional material structure design, property prediction and regulation, growth mechanism and its micro-mechanism research in catalysis and energy applications. Currently undertaking major scientific and technological projects in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen, and was selected as a Class C talent of Shenzhen Peacock Plan. And maintain close cooperation with first-class research teams and laboratories at home and abroad, and a number of results have been published in Nature (two articles, one was selected as the fifth item of Chemical & Engineering News 2014 Top 10 Chemical Research), Chem, Science Advances, Physical Review Letters , Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Functional Materials and other world-class journals. 
Research direction 
1. Research on the mechanism of nanomaterial growth and preparation 
2. Structure design and performance control of new nanomaterials 
3. Theoretical research on the structure and properties of perovskite batteries and performance control 
4. Theoretical research on nanomaterials in catalysis and energy 
Application requirements 
1. Physics, chemistry, materials and other related majors, 985 and 211 college students are preferred; programming and material CVD preparation experience is preferred, English level 4 or 6 is preferred; 
2. Compulsory courses have been completed in the original school and can be full-time The system conducts scientific research in the laboratory, and the school tutor and the school agree to jointly train with our unit;
3. Be honest and trustworthy, have team spirit, be serious and responsible, have strong learning ability and strong scientific research interest; 
4. Be able to continue working in the institute for 1 to 2 years, complete the writing and publication of relevant SCI research papers. 
1. Provide a good working environment, including office, computer software and hardware, network environment, reference materials, etc.; 
2. Provide a good scientific research environment, including scientific research equipment, instrument testing, reagent use and a good scientific research atmosphere; 
3. Provide good individuals Develop the environment, participate in international conferences in related fields, provide professional knowledge guidance, assist in the guidance of scientific research papers and doctoral thesis writing, etc.; 
4. Provide generous subsidies, master’s 2,600 yuan/month, doctoral 3300 yuan/month, provide free accommodation and food supplement 28 yuan/working day); 
5. Reimbursement for a one-time visit to the hospital for transportation expenses (from school to our hospital hard sleeper/high-speed rail second-class seat standard, actual reimbursement). 
Contact Information If you are 
interested, please send your resume and related materials to yangxx@siat.ac.cn that can prove your learning ability and scientific research level. Please indicate “school + name + guest student” in the subject of the email. For further consultation, please add QQ: 1142231686 
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