The Yu Yi research group of the School of Material Science and Technology of Shanghai University of Science and Technology sincerely invites outstanding postdoctoral fellows to join this research group. 

Yu Yi’s research group is engaged in the research of atomic-scale electron microscopy, using experimental methods such as aberration correction, in-situ TEM, and theoretical calculations to study the atomic structure of lithium-ion batteries and perovskite solar cell materials and their physics and chemistry Performance relationship. Research directions related to theoretical calculations include: 
1. New lithium ion batteries, atomic structure exploration of halide perovskite materials 
2. Microscopic atomic imaging simulation calculations, big data analysis 
3. Big data analysis 

group related to structure and physical properties in recent years Related research papers have been published in high-level journals such as Nature and Nature Communications. For details, please refer to the homepage of Yu Yi’s group:

1. Recruitment conditions 
1. Under 35 years old, have a doctorate degree in physics, materials, chemistry and other related majors, and the time to obtain a doctorate degree should be within the last two years; 
2. Have good English reading, writing and oral skills; 
3. Love scientific research work and conduct Good, with a good team spirit; 
4. Ensure to engage in post-doctoral research work of our school full-time during the station. 
5. Experience in theoretical calculation (DFT, MD, etc.) and programming is preferred. 

2. Treatment
In accordance with the relevant regulations of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, we will provide competitive salaries, allowances and benefits according to individual circumstances. On the basis of basic remuneration, the school supports qualified applicants to apply for the post-doctoral innovative talent support program (“Boxin Program”: the state grants 600,000 yuan to each person for two years, of which 400,000 yuan is the daily funding for postdoctoral fellows and 200,000 yuan National and local post-doctoral talent training such as the Postdoctoral Science Foundation) and the Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program (“Super-Bo Program”: the Shanghai Municipal Special Fund for Talent Development will be funded by 150,000 yuan per person per year for a total of 2 years). project. If you perform well during the postdoctoral period, you will have the opportunity to be promoted to an assistant researcher or associate researcher with a public institution establishment and stay in school for a long time. 

Third, the mode of application 
interested, e-mail contact: .

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