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Employment of molecular imaging, biomaterials, immunology, microbiology background postdoctoral

research teams Profile
Xiaoze Yu, Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the project leader, doctoral tutor, the national high-level junior talent program Winner, Shanghai “Oriental Scholar” Distinguished Professor. Peking University School of Medicine, Bachelor of Pharmacy; Joint training of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Florida, Ph.D. of Chemistry; Postdoctoral and research scientist in Robert Langer’s Laboratory of Cancer Nano Intersection Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School; Since 2015 He has been working in Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine until now, and has been concurrently employed in the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Renji Hospital affiliated to Renji Hospital in 2020. Mainly engaged in research in the field of visual drug delivery, and published more than 40 papers in authoritative journals in the field Chem. Soc. Rev., Nat. Commun., Angew. Chem., Nano Lett., ACS Nano, etc. [The first and corresponding author’s papers 13 articles with an impact factor of >10], cited more than 4,500 times. Among them, single citation>1000 times 1 citation, single citation>200 times 3 citations, single citation>100 times 5 citations. The research and development of a visual drug carrier has entered the clinical trial stage. He has applied for or authorized 6 international and domestic patents, and participated in the compilation of 3 English monographs. The research results have been reported many times by the famous professional online magazines C&E News, Science Daily and so on. The awards received include the Harvard University Award for Outstanding Research Work in the Field of Life Sciences; the American Association for Cancer Research Award for Young Women Scholars, etc. As the project leader, he presided over 1 national key research and development plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, presided over 5 national natural science funds such as international (regional) cooperation, etc.

Research direction Task Force recruitment
Xiaoze Yu research group around drug delivery, in vivo molecular imaging, tumor immunology and flora regulation of scientific research and clinical translation. The specific research directions are as follows:
(1) In vivo molecular imaging direction: develop new molecular imaging probes based on in vivo Raman imaging, near-infrared zone II imaging, and nuclear medicine imaging, and use them for in-situ visualized detection and treatment of tumors, such as tumor immunity , Intraoperative diagnosis and treatment of residual tumors, overcoming tumor-targeted drug resistance, etc.
(2) Drug delivery direction: construct an oral drug delivery system based on intestinal flora for the diagnosis and treatment of colon diseases (inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer).

Recruitment requirements:
Due to the development needs of the research group, it is planned to recruit several post-doctoral fellows in the field of chemistry and biology.
<Recruitment conditions>: Ph.D. degree in chemistry, pharmacy, biomaterials, immunology, microbiology, etc.; molecular imaging probes Design synthesis/polymer chemistry synthesis/organic synthesis/hydrogel synthesis/spectral theory analysis, tumor immunity/intestinal flora/bioinformatics/in vivo microscopy/cell biology/pharmaceutical/pharmacology and other professional basic theories and Solid experimental skills, strong hands-on ability, familiar with various instrumental analysis methods; published high-level papers in related fields as the first author; rigorous academic attitude, honesty and trustworthiness, active scientific research thinking, meticulous and practical work, serious and responsible, and competent Strong sense of work responsibility and teamwork spirit; strong English reading and writing skills.

<Job Responsibilities>: Assist the project team leader and other researchers to carry out scientific research and assist in the training of graduate students; can assist the project team leader in completing the application of the project, and be able to independently undertake the task of the project and apply for funding independently.

<Application Procedure>: If you are interested, please send your detailed resume (including basic personal information, education and work experience, overview of scientific research, publication of papers and other results, and contact information of the two recommenders) to the mailbox: [email protected] , Please indicate in the title: Post-doctorate application.

Reasons for choosing us
(1) High-quality scientific research and translational medicine research platform: The research group relies on the Basic Medical College, Shanghai Translational Medicine Collaborative Innovation Center, Renji Hospital’s National Key Specialty in Imaging, and the Institute of Molecular Medicine. Scholars in basic scientific research and clinical translational research provide high-quality scientific research platforms and clinical resources.
(2) Unlimited development and promotion space for outstanding talents: The school’s various young talent incentive programs, such as the “Medical School Postdoctoral Incentive Program” and “Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Incentive Program”, fully support applications for the National Postdoctoral Fund and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Funds, etc., opportunities for academic exchanges with internationally renowned scholars. It provides sufficient material guarantee for young talents who love science and can devote themselves to original research, as well as an extraordinary title promotion channel that is not only about qualifications and years.
(3) Humanized logistical support: pay five social insurances and one housing fund in accordance with national standards, and apply for Shanghai household registration. Enjoy scientific research awards and excellent performance evaluation. Competitive annual salary. Excellent post-doctoral fellows can stay in school after leaving the station and be promoted to the professional and technical associate/professional titles.
(4) The solid foundation and platform of the research team: After 7 years of accumulation and construction, the research team has established a mature and solid foundation and technical platform in the direction of scientific research, and has published many important papers and results in authoritative journals in the field. . Many postdoctoral fellows in the research group have received funding from the Shanghai Super Doctoral Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Project, and the post-doctoral program.

This recruitment is valid all year
round December 2021


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