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Shanghai Jiaotong University is looking for core members . Professor Xiao Wende’s research group of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University is now openly recruiting several post-doctoral fellows as technical leaders, project (subject) leaders and core team members. Welcome to have industrial catalysis, energy and chemical engineering , Young scholars with backgrounds in materials chemistry, etc. join our team. This research group is a united, warm, vigorous and combative team. 

(1) Recruitment field 
• Heterogeneous catalysis and surface science field 
• Chemical process and chemical reaction engineering 
• Catalyst synthesis and characterization 

(2) Application requirements: 
1. Obtain chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science or other related fields from well-known universities or research institutes Professional doctorate, or those who can successfully defend and obtain a doctorate degree, under 35 years old. He has rich experience and academic knowledge in at least one aspect of metal and alloy catalysis, nano/single atom catalysis, composite solid oxide catalysis, molecular sieve synthesis and catalysis. 

2. Achieve good research results during the PhD study period, have the ability to independently carry out research work, can assist in application, undertake important scientific research projects, and assist in guiding graduate students. He has published academic papers in influential SCI journals as the first author in the past 5 years, and has good English reading, expression and writing skills. 

3. Love scientific research, have strong experimental and data analysis capabilities, be honest and trustworthy, have a rigorous style of study, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have good communication, expression skills and teamwork spirit. 

(3) Post- 
doctoral treatment : According to the relevant policies of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s post-doctoral management, you can enjoy the welfare benefits of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s post-doctorate, including household registration, housing, and children’s enrollment. Those with strong working ability are given preferential treatment, with an annual salary of more than 300,000. In addition, the research team will provide additional subsidies based on work ability and performance. After leaving the station, post-doctoral fellows, if they are continuously interested in related topics or want to stay in Shanghai Jiaotong University, can be employed as a full-time position in a catalyst laboratory jointly organized by the university and enterprises, and continue to engage in catalyst research and development, and the salary is not low Yu postdoctoral fellow. 

(4) Personal training
The research team will provide post-doctoral personnel with personal professional ability improvement plans, mainly as follows: (1) The research team actively supports and guides postdoctoral applicants and postdoctoral applications for various postdoctoral talent support plans; (2) The research team actively supports and recommends applying countries Natural Science Foundation Project, China Postdoctoral Fund Project and Shanghai Postdoctoral Fund Project, etc.; (3) The research group actively supports postdoctoral fellows to participate in high-level academic conferences at home and abroad; (4) Provide personal academic ability training and career development planning guidance; (5) The research team actively recommends outstanding postdoctoral fellows to top universities and laboratories at home and abroad for further study; 

(5) Contact information 
recruitment is effective for a long time, and those who are interested please introduce yourself (including personal introduction, main research content, representative papers, patents, scientific research awards, etc.) and Relevant supporting materials should be sent to , and the subject of the email should indicate: application + my name. We will respond to each applicant as soon as possible and arrange an interview. 

Mentor Profile 
Xiao Wende, “Changjiang Scholar” distinguished professor, doctoral supervisor, Shanghai outstanding science and technology “Venus”, Ministry of Education “Cross-century Excellent Talents Program”, special allowance from the State Council. Mainly engaged in the research of catalytic engineering, reaction engineering, separation engineering and chemical system engineering related to energy, environment and materials fields. Successively undertook the national “Ninth Five-Year”, “Tenth Five-Year”, “Eleventh Five-Year” key research projects and a number of enterprise cooperation projects, and related achievements have been successfully applied to energy, materials, power and other industries.

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