1. Job requirements 


have a doctorate degree in microbiology, molecular biology or biochemistry; have relevant experience in systems biology, enzyme engineering and synthetic biology research, and have good professional and English communication skills. 

Research Assistant: 

Master degree or above, major in microbiology, molecular biology; serious and rigorous work, with strong scientific interest, strong ability to independently engage in research projects, and support the smooth operation of laboratory research projects. 

2. The research subject 

laboratory is mainly engaged in microbial technology and synthetic biology research. In the past two years, it has been awarded the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s major Sino-European cooperation project plastic degrading microbial flora (2020-), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2018-), National key engineering project (2019-), there is an urgent need for 1-2 post-doctoral fellows with experience in the field of bioinformatics and enzyme engineering to engage in system biology and enzyme engineering research, and to guide relevant students in research. During the postdoctoral work period, you will have the opportunity to participate in the application and research of other topics, and assist the supervisor and other teachers in the laboratory to guide the graduate students. 

3. Application materials: 1. Resume (including the list of published works); 2. The names, work units, and email addresses of two recommended experts. 

4. Relevant treatment 

Post-doctorate: The 

salary treatment is based on the relevant regulations of Shandong University, and the laboratory will give subsidies and rewards based on the final results. The final income is 180,000-360,000 per year. 

Research assistants: 

pay according to the basic salaries of Shandong University’s research assistants; pay insurance and provident funds (five social insurance and one fund) on their behalf; grant allowances and rewards based on work performance. 

5. Application time: applications will be accepted from now on. 

6. Application method: Application materials must be emailed to Professor Qi Qingsheng ( qiqingsheng@sdu.edu.cn ) of the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology of Shandong University .

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