The Light-Heat Radiation Research Center of Shandong University was established in July 2017. It is located on the Qingdao campus. The director of the research center is the Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor and Professor Liu Linhua, the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. The research center has established a world-leading light-heat radiation laboratory, focusing on research on cutting-edge topics such as light-heat radiation transfer mechanism, micro-scale radiation heat transfer, infrared/optical characteristics and identification, comprehensive utilization of energy conversion processes, etc. . Due to the needs of scientific research, we are now planning to hire multiple post-doctoral researchers. 

1. Introduction to Cooperative Mentors and Research Directions 

Liu Linhua, Changjiang Scholars Distinguished Professor, winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. Main research directions: light/heat radiation transmission mechanism and numerical simulation in absorbing and scattering media; micro-scale thermophysical process and energy transport mechanism; non-equilibrium heat radiation transport mechanism in high temperature dispersive medium; theoretical modeling and optical properties of condensed matter Experimental measurement; first-principles simulation of optical, electrical and thermal properties of materials. 

Yang Jiayue, professor, Qilu young scholar. Main research directions: high temperature thermal radiation physical properties quantum molecular dynamics simulation and ellipsometer experimental measurement; micro-nano scale heat transfer (phonon anharmonic scattering, electro-acoustic coupling and electromagnetic field micro-control) basic theoretical research; high-performance new energy materials (Photovoltaic materials, thermoelectric materials, etc.) structure prediction and top-level design; first-principles research on internal heat transport in energy materials such as lithium batteries and solar cells. 

Liu Jian, professor, Qilu young scholar. Main research directions: First-principles theoretical research on microscopic energy conversion mechanisms (force-heat, electricity-heat, light-heat); first-principles theoretical research on gas sensing properties of two-dimensional materials; high-performance electrical-thermal energy conversion materials (Waste heat power generation, electric heating refrigeration) structure-physical properties correlation; first-principles calculation of high temperature heat radiation physical properties and experimental measurement of ellipsometer. 

For detailed information, please refer to the center’s homepage:

2. Application Requirements 
    1. A graduate student with a Ph.D. degree or has obtained a doctorate degree within 3 years, and the age is generally under 35. 
    2. Have a background in engineering thermophysics, thermal radiation, computational physics, condensed matter physics, applied physics, applied catalysis, materials physics, new energy materials, etc.
    3. Those who have a high level of scientific research and have published high-quality papers in related fields are preferred. 
    4. Physical and mental health, excellent ideological quality, good teamwork spirit, active and serious working attitude, hardworking, rigorous and responsible, able to independently or guide graduate students to carry out related experiments. 
    5. Entering the station requires full-time leave. 
    6. Work location: Qingdao (Shandong University Qingdao Campus). 

3. Benefits 
      According to the relevant regulations of the country and the school, the post-doctorate’s working period in the station is in principle two years, and the period of the station is deemed to be managed by fixed personnel. The corresponding benefits are as follows: 
      1. The research institute and research group will provide sufficient scientific research funds for postdoctoral fellows; at the same time, on-site postdoctoral researchers can use Shandong University as a supporting unit as applicants to apply for postdoctoral grants, youth science funds, etc. Project; 
      2. Salary: annual salary of 200-36 million yuan (before tax, evaluation by school), post-doctorate pays social insurance and housing provident fund according to the same standards as in-service teachers during the station; Qingdao city living and housing subsidies are 60,000 yuan per year (two year). 

For the post-doctoral policies of Shandong University, please refer to:

Qingdao’s support policy for post-doctoral students can be found at : /fgzc/zcfg/20190529/4867.html

    3. Accommodation: The school provides preferential rental of postdoctoral apartments for eligible postdoctoral students; 
    4. Medical care: The school affiliated hospital provides first-class medical care services; 
    5. Children’s education: minor children Can enter the kindergarten and primary school affiliated to Shandong University;
    6. Development prospects: (1) Support for post-doctoral fellows in the station to participate in international high-level academic activities and exchange visits to foreign universities (2) Specially outstanding post-doctoral students can apply for teaching and research positions on the Qingdao campus (3) Post-doctoral students can leave the station and stay in Qingdao for employment And settle down, enjoy the subsidy of 250,000 (subject to the specific policies of Qingdao), please refer to

4. Number of recruits: More than one person 
5. Applicants 
      who are interested, please send your detailed resume (including personal information, education experience, research experience, awards, contact information, etc.) and the full text of representative papers (1-2) to the email zhaohh@sdu. , indicate “postdoctoral application + name + intention to cooperate with supervisor”. Admission is based on the best candidates after the interview. We will keep the application materials strictly confidential. 

      Recruitment is effective for a long time, sincerely welcome you to join! ! !

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