2022 Postdoctoral Recruitment Guide of Sean Technology Postdoctoral Research Station

Sean Technology Postdoctoral Research Station 2022 Postdoctoral
Recruitment Guide

Chizhou Sean New Materials Co., Ltd. postdoctoral workstation (hereinafter referred to as the “workstation”) was established in 2021 with the approval of the Anhui Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.
In order to further promote scientific and technological innovation in the field of new energy materials, better realize technological breakthroughs and achievement transformation in basic, strategic and forward-looking fields, and cultivate and export more high-end talents for the new energy industry, the workstations are open to domestic and overseas Recruit a number of postdoctoral fellows. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1. Recruitment conditions
1. Excellent academic performance, good health, and no bad records;
2. Doctoral students who have obtained a doctorate degree at home and abroad in the past three years or will graduate in June 2022, Under 35 years of age;
3. The major of the study is closely related to the post-doctoral research topic, or there is sufficient disciplinary background support and certain research accumulation and ideas for the reported topic;
priority is given to admissions that have achieved original results in the proposed research field. Apply for an invention patent or have published a paper related to the company’s research direction and I am the first author (or corresponding author) or my supervisor is the first author I am the second author of the papers included in SCI, EI, SSCI, CSSCI, hosted or participated in the country or province (Ministry) level subjects or won national, provincial (ministerial) level scientific and technological achievement awards, etc.
4. Ph.D. from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign nationals. Proficiency in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing is required.
5. Possess the conditions for full-time post-doctoral research on this site.

2. Research direction
R&D direction Number of people in demand Work content
Lithium battery dismantling and recycling 2-3 Lithium battery dismantling and recycling process technology equipment development and application research.

Ternary cathode synthesis and application 2-3 Ternary cathode material synthesis process technology and equipment development and application research.
Solid waste recycling technology and application 2-3 Solid waste recycling process and supporting environmental protection engineering process technology equipment development and application research.

3. Registration requirements
All researchers who are willing to come to this site as postdoctoral fellows, please submit the following materials by email (email subject: “XX University-Name-Apply for CienTech 2022 Postdoctoral Fellow”):
1. Resume;
2. Research plan of the proposed project (3000-5000 words);
3. Scanned copy of doctoral graduation certificate and degree certificate or proof of doctoral graduation before June 2022; scanned copy of both sides of ID card;
4. Published papers and academic research Representative works, relevant qualifications, patents and other supporting documents;
Note: After submitting the application materials, please call to confirm whether the materials have been received.

4. Salary, training and retention
1. Provide market-competitive salary and benefits, and assist in applying for various post-doctoral research funds and daily funds at the national, provincial, municipal, and district levels.
2. If necessary, the company can provide specialized laboratories and scientific research teams for incoming postdoctoral fellows, provide sufficient scientific research funding, and provide a superior scientific research environment for postdoctoral fellows. In addition, a work team can be provided for particularly outstanding post-doctoral talents.
3. The provision of post-doctoral apartments and children’s admission shall be implemented in accordance with the school’s relevant policies.
4. After leaving the station, they will be directly hired as regular employees and enjoy the treatment of company executives.

5. Recruitment process
Sean Technology’s postdoctoral research station will adopt an open, fair and just way to select the best candidates . Those who pass the preliminary examination of materials will be notified by email or telephone. The entire recruitment process includes preliminary examination, interview, comprehensive evaluation and physical examination.

6. Contact information and address

18256604440 (Human Resources Department)
18956228416 (General Cheng)

Email: [email protected]
Company website: http://www.cnntech.cn/
(1) Shanghai Headquarters: 9F, Guoke Building, No. 1, Lane 1029, Kongjiang Road, Shanghai
(2) High-tech Industry Development in Chizhou City, Anhui Province West Section of Yongjin Avenue


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