Dear prospective academicians and researchers,

A successful cover letter may help you convey your credentials for a particular employment opportunity, show your excitement for a position, and catch the eye of recruiters. Your postdoctoral cover letter is particularly essential when applying for a postdoctoral job. Presenting your research history and academic objectives to prospective employers may help you effectively convey who you are as an academic, researcher, and instructor.

In this article post, we’ll clarify what a postdoctoral position/opportunity is, what postdocs perform, how to write a killer postdoc cover letter, will provide you with a sample/template/example, show you a model of a postdoc cover letter, and give you some extra suggestions for perfecting your postdoc cover letter.

  1. What are the roles of a Postdoctoral researcher?

Postdoctoral researchers undertake a range of tasks for their employers, although they are mainly researchers. They may work with a team of bigger research groups or in collaboration with tenured professors or other mentors at their university. Coaching, lecturing, and grant writing are all tasks that many postdocs take on. These duties may give them the confidence for a future position as a principal investigator (PI) or full-time faculty member.

Postdocs often get short academic positions that may help them prepare for a faculty position in academia, but this is not always the situation. Many universities and educational organizations respect postdoctoral researchers for the contributions they make to their institutes. Most employers want postdocs to create interesting material, publish their research in peer-reviewed journals, and attend conferences on account of their institution, university, or organization in order to promote their institution’s academic goals.

2. Sample/Example Postdoctoral Cover Letter

Try to structure your cover letter like a business letter and contain the following information:

[Personal Name]
[Contact information/Phone number] is a placeholder for [Contact number].

[Date at which the letter will be sent]
[Name of the Beneficiary/Recipient]
[Name of the institution/university or company/employer]
[Address of university or job]

Dear [name of recruiting manager or job position],

I’m writing to convey my keen interest in the available [formal job role/title/name] vacancy at [institution/university or business name]. As a team member, I would like to continue my postdoctoral studies. I just graduated from [name of university] where I studied [description of your study]. You may recall that [mutual connection name] expressed an interest in your lab.

[Provide a synopsis of your research here]

I’d welcome the chance to continue my study at your lab and build a long-term relationship with [name of institution or organization]. Considering [explain how your study connects to the institution’s objectives], I think the nature of my research is relevant to your lab.

Given [years of professional experience], I am a self-motivated, active researcher. I believe my [related capabilities] may be a valuable addition to your facility [lab] as a detail-oriented, competent, and innovative applicant. I’ve included my CV and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my abilities and credentials further. Please contact me if you have any queries, and I look forward to hearing your response.


[Name of the candidate]


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