Researcher Yuan Liu of the Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hangzhou) recruits assistant researcher (career establishment), postdoctoral fellow

Liu Yuan, Institute of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Hangzhou), recruits assistant researcher (career establishment), postdoctoral fellow

Liu Yuan, researcher at the Institute of Basic Medicine and Oncology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral supervisor, winner of the National Overseas High-level Talent Project, presided over the Ministry of Science and Technology’s key research and development sub-projects and the National Natural Science Youth Fund, Provincial Key Research and Development, Enterprise Joint Fund, etc. items. In 2011, he graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, and in 2016, he graduated from the University of Florida with a Ph.D. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Harvard Medical School, and won the NIH Summer Mentor Award and BWH Microgrant Award.
The main research direction is the biological effect of nanomaterials, nucleic acid detection and machine learning, nanomedicine and other intelligent molecular diagnosis and cancer treatment based on nanotechnology. As the first author/corresponding author, he has published more than 40 papers in journals such as JACS, Acc Chem Res, and Biomaterials, with a total of more than 4,000 citations.
Recruitment majors
Chemistry, bioinformatics, oncology, biomedical engineering, pharmacy and other related majors.
Recruitment Requirements
1. Obey the law, be good at both character and learning, be physically and mentally healthy, and be able to engage in postdoctoral research full-time.
2. Generally no more than 35 years old, fresh doctoral graduates or no more than 3 years of the doctoral degree.
3. Have a good academic background and research foundation, have achieved research results in related fields, and have great development potential and teamwork spirit.
Remuneration package
1. Pre-tax annual salary of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan + five social insurances and one housing fund unit + scientific research incentives + rent and purchase subsidies provided by Qiantang District
2. Canteen meal allowance (6600 yuan/year) + trade union material benefits + VIP physical examination in top three hospitals Package + gym free
career development
1. Those selected for the national postdoctoral talent project or those who have reached the standard for young reserve talents of medical institutes will receive a start-up fund of 500,000 yuan for scientific research. After leaving the station, they can directly transfer to the official research post of the career establishment and enjoy the treatment of talent introduction .
2. Workers who leave the station and stay in Hangzhou-affiliated units can enjoy a subsidy of 400,000-600,000 yuan.
How to apply
Please send your resume to, with the subject of the email as ” name + research direction “, and indicate the estimated time of entry in the email.


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